Are edward cullen and bella dating in real life

Are bella and edward still dating in real life

while edward was away, bella found that jacob's presence soothed the "hole" in her chest that resulted from edward leaving her. is very shy, quiet, soft, dainty, sensitive, insecure, reclusive, extremely private, curious, perceptive, gracefully clumsy, and slightly stubborn. he tricks her into coming to her old ballet studio with the sound of her mother's voice, where he bites her wrist and almost transforms her into a vampire. i was amazing now—both to them and to myself. stephenie meyer said on her website that isabella is the name she had planned to name her daughter, if she had one. (father-in-law) ♰elizabeth masen (mother-in-law) ♰carlisle cullen (adoptive father-in-law)esme cullen (adoptive mother-in-law)alice cullen (adoptive sister-in-law)emmett cullen (adoptive brother-in-law)rosalie hale (adoptive sister-in-law)jasper hale (adoptive brother-in-law). kendrick has been dating ben richardson, the fault of our stars cinematographer, since april 2014. edward is horrified when he sees that he bruised bella while doing so. during the game, danger reveals itself in the form of a visiting vampire coven consisting of laurent, victoria, and james. but bella soon realizes that her love for jacob is not as strong as her love for edward. scent of her blood is incredibly attractive to vampires, described by bree tanner to be the "sweetest scent she'd ever smelled", though it is a thousand times more intense to edward cullen.[4] edward constantly warns bella against being with him, perceiving her life to be at constant risk if she continues to associate with him because the scent of her blood is more powerful to him than that of any other human he has ever encountered. of bread, blood, and the hunger games : critical essays on the suzanne collins trilogy. the robsten bubble begins and it's not long before murmurings of their on- and offscreen chemistry begin. bella's transformation, she and edward become equals on all levels and can experience a vastly easier life together, though they find it very hard to satisfy their sexual desire for each other. but, after little consideration, she decides that there is one thing she would like to do while still human: she wants to make love with edward. at the series end, edward and bella live happily together, presumably forever, as husband and wife with their daughter, renesmee. breaking dawn, she marries edward on august 13, 2006 and becomes a member of the olympic coven. renée has always put her relationships with men first, although has been very clear that she wants bella to remain independent. bella observes the newborn's frantic, blood-craving expression and begins to realize what problems she may have to face after becoming a vampire. story begins with bella reading a letter from jacob that says that they can't be friends anymore. that his hands pulled me too tight against his body, and yet it was not tight enough for me? edward immediately refuses this demand, explaining that although he wants her as much as she wants him, he could easily kill her if he lost control. during a taping of the oprah winfrey show, the tv staff is briefed on the how to handle the talent. edward's brother, jasper, instinctively thirsting for her blood, launches an attack, though he is stopped. 2011: kristen heads to london to begin filming snow white and the huntsman, directed by sanders. she puts edward before herself and everybody and everything else, but several 'selfish' tendencies emerge (as when she asked edward to stay with her instead of fighting vampires in eclipse). bella is especially upset because it is the day that she becomes older, physically, than edward, who will always be 17. you can't be ashamed of what you're doing if you're doing it honestly, and i am. bella asks him to kiss her so he will think she loves him back, but as she kisses him, she realizes that she does love jacob after all. later, bella is hunting with jacob and renesmee in the forest when a vampire, irina, sees her daughter and mistakes her for an immortal child, whose creation is a heinous crime of the vampire world. since she has green eyes, brown contacts were required to match bella's eye color. among other "bella moments" he has shown great concern for her when she has been in the hospital for her broken leg, in twilight, and a check-up. it is at this event that shadowy photos of the duo wrapped up in each other (and mostly likely kissing) emerge online. the sparklingly sexy cast have always been a focus of our attention, especially when it comes to who they may or may not be dating. same month, when discussing a potential sequel to swath, kristen announces, "i would do it in a heartbeat," and tells interview, "there's that awesome quote where joanne woodward said, 'acting is like sex: you should do it, not talk about it. while staying at the cullens' house, rosalie tries to convince her to stay human by telling her human background story. "Bella" Marie Cullen (née Swan), was born to Charlie Swan and Renée Dwyer on September. meyer explains that she "left out a detailed description of bella in the book so that the reader could more easily step into her shoes. despite being childish and naive, renée loves her very much and wishes her to be happy. edward sees this, but is still willing to fight for her. while her mother was impractical, absentminded and liked to shift from one interest to the next, bella grew up as the more responsible and independent individual.

Are bella and edward dating in real life

her thick hair is wavy and she usually wears a cute thin headband. their friendship grows, and jacob admits that he has romantic feelings for bella, though she does not reciprocate them. dislikes cold and wet climates, even snow, which is why she initially hated to live in forks.!2008: our stars are born: kristen and rob are cast, respectively, as bella swan and edward cullen in the twilight franchise, with kristen later opening up about the casting process and her first choice of romantic lead. alice has been eager to become her friend after she saw their united future; she eventually gets her wish when bella becomes romantically involved with edward., according to edward in midnight sun, has no sense of fear when she finds out edward is a vampire. jasper initially disliked bella for her involvement with the family, but later warms up to her, though he keeps in distance to avoid losing control of his bloodlust, which happens in new moon, when bella cuts her finger. mostly prefers to wear shirts, jeans and sneakers everywhere she goes, as she lacks an interest in fashion. shows up at bella's house on prom night, only to be told over the phone by edward that she would be unavailable every night as far as anyone but himself was concerned. appears at the end of the novella, when edward brings her into the battlefield after the battle was over. olsen is dating robbie arnett: 5 things to know about the indie singer-songwriter. her career as a kindergarten teacher was the one thing that bella respected. combines her name with her mother's to name her daughter "renesmee" in honor of her mother and esme. later, jacob, aware that the cullens are planning to move away, phases into his wolf form in front of charlie (he thought charlie was the reason they were leaving). when edward faces aro alone, bella's anger triggers her shield with absolute control, allowing her to shield everyone in her surrounding. he is the reason edward accidentally exposed his inhuman features to bella. bella soon discovers her ability to shield people from their mental thoughts and senses. he tells bella that he will go in battle with the intentions of dying because she won't love him back. bella is furious at edward's presumption and manages to slip away to see jacob. several people, including aro, felix, and edward, have commented that immortality fits her perfectly. eventually, jacob imprints on edward and bella's daughter, renesmee, ridding him of his heartache for bella. edward proposes to bella in new moon and she eventually accepts in eclipse, looking down on the prospect of marriage but not entirely opposed to it. she vows that she'll never let edward see her shed a tear for jacob again. ultimately, edward accepts bella's love for jacob and successfully destroys victoria. 2012: the duo is back in the city of love, and are spotted leaving the same hotel before heading out on a date. she tells him that, while she does love him, she has chosen edward." jacob remarks that edward could never hate anyone who loved bella, which is why edward did not hate him.""but if i had to perish twice, i think i know enough of hate to say it for destruction""ice is also great and would suffice. her naturally responsible nature carried over into her schoolwork, where bella was generally a straight-a student. wedding goes smoothly, and bella meets the denali coven for the first time. with his family's help, edward is able to save bella from james' predations, but edward is still unwilling to change bella into a vampire himself."childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age. the cullens find an array of vampire witnesses to observe the mortality of renesmee. he tries to attack her, but edward and emmett are able to stop him. new moon, after a movie date with bella, jacob and mike, mike has seemingly given up on bella, and tells her that "girls are cruel". before bella's graduation, she realizes that the army of newborn vampires are under the control of victoria and therefore will be coming after her. in twilight, she is a 17-year-old girl who transfers schools from phoenix, arizona to forks, washington to live with her father charlie, where she meets and falls in love with a vampire, edward cullen. this car is for temporary use until she is changed into a vampire, when she will not need the protection, and then he will replace it with a red ferrari. after bella gave birth to renesmee, they shared a genuine love for the baby and became close sisters at last. information may be shared with other nbcuniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. despite that exception, stewart and bella are very similar in personality, both reserved and inexpressive. as a human, bella easily fainted at the sight or smell of blood, which she said smells like rust and salt in twilight, though it changes after she became a vampire.

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    bella has a stiff uptight position, a habit of biting her lower lip, and knits together her eyebrows when feeling strong emotions such as anxiety. his friendship sways and mostly falls after bella goes through a depression in the absence of edward and the rest of the cullen family. in the meantime, bella finds out that she possesses the power to shield herself from the psychic abilities of other vampires. dawn begins with the wedding of bella and edward at the cullen home in the outskirts of forks. fan critics argue that bella is a "mary sue" due to the striking resemblance between stephenie meyer's and bella's physical traits and personality characteristics, suggesting that twilight may have been an expression of meyer's personal fantasy. "bella" marie cullen (née swan), was born to charlie swan and renée dwyer on september 13, 1987, and is the main protagonist of the twilight saga. edward persuades her to come to his house on the evening of her birthday for a party thrown by his sister, alice. bella is also shown in breaking dawn, to have a good mood climate, and is able to run away from the smell of human blood when she goes on her first hunting trip as a vampire. his strength returned and he realized there was an alternative to being the vile monster he feared. she often describes him as "god-like" in physical appearance, comparing him to the greek hero adonis, and hopes that by becoming a vampire, she will become beautiful and graceful like him and the rest of his family."[9] while meyer stresses that "bella's looks are open to interpretation",[9] she does supply her own personal interpretation on her website, describing bella as:"very fair-skinned, with long, straight, dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. grab taylor launter if you can, just treat him better than bella did, okay? jacob reluctantly agrees to stop trying to come between edward and her, and assures her that he'll be there if she ever needs him. even at a young age it became clear that bella hated forks, and when she visited charlie would take her fishing, which bella also hated. despite her family's partial protests, she wholeheartedly embraces bella as one of them. you'll have to keep up with her though, the walking dead star is adept at fighting zombies as well as vampires and werewolves. bella and edward are furious and, after hearing that he nicknamed her nessie, after the loch ness monster, bella loses control of her anger and tries to kill jacob. there are high levels of tension as he turns to action, caused by edward and bella's differences of opinion about her becoming a vampire. rosalie admitted that she envied bella in eclipse, because she wished she was still a human. bella realizes that it would have been physically impossible for a ordinary human being to cross the distance to her in time—as edward was four cars away from her a split-second before the truck would have crushed her—or hold back, much less push away, a pick-up truck with his bare hands. plot is driven by the machinations of the vampire victoria, who first encountered bella and the cullens during the first book, twilight. realizes that she needs to take responsibilities for the choices that she has made, to properly say goodbye to her friends and family and tie herself to edward in every human way, and later allows alice to plan the wedding, with few limitations and makes her maid-of-honor. later on that day in school, bella witnesses alice having a vision: victoria is coming back to forks to hunt her. they destroy james, though the other vampires of his coven, victoria and laurent, run and survive. she also learns from laurent that victoria has returned to kill her, out of revenge for edward killing victoria's mate, james, in twilight. desperate to hear his voice again, bella continually seeks out danger; she convinces jacob black to repair two old motorcycles and teach her to ride. breaking dawn, bella uses her shielding power as a giant dome to protect her family and friends when the volturi attempt to make a move on them, when she was enraged by edward facing danger alone and she is forced to stay behind, with an antagonistic smile emitted from jane to push her anger further. kate from the denali and zafrina from the amazon teach bella to project said power so she could protect others from the volturi's gifted guards. mike becomes her friend again, although not with the same enthusiasm and also never forgets his fondness of bella. in addition, jacob continues to think of her as just bella rather than a vampire with a powerful gift. 2009: kristen, rob and the rest of the cast arrive in vancouver to begin preproduction on new moon. however, after meeting edward, she found the town much more comfortable, even calling it "home". bella and alice quickly pursue edward to italy, and stop him from being killed, even though jacob protested to this decision. he falls in love with bella after some time and spends a lot of time with her during the period of edward's absence. he demands several rematches, only to fail over and over again. because she lacks any skill in anything noticeable as a human, she mostly prefers to spend her free time reading, especially classics, and listening to music. votes in her favor of becoming one of them in new moon, despite edward's suggestion of hiding bella and fighting the volturi in the process. bella rarely gets mad, but has a sarcastic sense of humor when she does. bella also has a small crescent-shaped scar on her wrist where she was bitten by james, a tracker vampire, in twilight. later, bella learns that jacob and other tribe members are shapeshifters who assume a wolf form to protect humans from vampires. appease her worried father, bella attends a movie with her school friend, jessica. esme loved edward so much that she wished for him to find happiness that he was lacking.
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    as such, even before she became a vampire and inherited god-like beauty, bella was rather pretty, as she unintentionally attracted the attention of several boys in school, not just edward. when alice learns that the volturi and their entire guard are coming to destroy the cullens, she flees with jasper on a secret mission and leaves clues for bella to find j. edward saved bella from a car accident, emmett was upset that he had exposed their family secret, but quickly warmed up to her involvement after finding out that edward had fallen in love with her. bella thanks edward, and he begins occasionally taking her to the la push line for regular visits with jacob. jasper wanted to kill bella after edward used his strength and speed to save her, but jasper waited until the cullens had a talk about it, and in the talk alice says that bella is going to be her friend, and convinced jasper to let her be. bella becomes faint when she smells blood, though this no longer bothers her once she becomes a vampire. she is also the adoptive daughter-in-law of carlisle and esme cullen and the adoptive sister-in-law of alice and emmett cullen, and rosalie and jasper hale. alice and jasper return with a half-vampire, half-human hybrid named nahuel.-fall 2008: though kristen is still dating michael angarano, she and rob, as befits two costars, begin making increasing public rounds together, turning up at the mtv movie awards, their inaugural comic-con, the mtv video music awards, the rome film festival, and pose for a rather loved-up-looking photo shoot for vanity fair. devastated jacob remains at odds with edward and bella after this. like esme, he was worried for edward's sake about lacking happiness, therefore he is very grateful to bella when she brought him to life., the leader of the volturi who "collects" vampires with useful talents, was so intrigued by bella's ability to block mental powers as a human, that he twice offered her a place among his guard. (inheriting a reversed counterpart of her father's power) can implant images and thoughts in her mind without hindrance by the shield, and it has been speculated that she has inherited a reversed counterpart of her mother's gift as well. is shocked and rushes bella home to see carlisle, who, as a doctor, confirms that she is expecting a child. is the wife of edward cullen and the mother of renesmee cullen, as well as the daughter of charlie swan and renée dwyer, the stepdaughter of phil dwyer and the daughter-in-law of edward and elizabeth masen. jacob goes to kill renesmee since he believes she killed bella, but when he looks her in the eyes, he imprints on her instead. also, angela appears in a nightmare bella had in breaking dawn as one of the victims of an immortal child who kills bella's mother, father, mike newton, ben cheney, and jessica stanley. stephenie meyer has stated that bella's "tragic flaw" in eclipse is her lack of self-knowledge. she is forced to fully realize the outcomes and consequences of her decision, as well as her options and desires before becoming an immortal."may 2009: the gang relocates to italy to continue shooting, with rob and kristen leaving temporarily to attend the mtv movie awards, where they tease the fans with their non-kiss kiss. marie swan was born on september 13, 1987, to renée and charlie swan, a young couple living in the small town of forks, washington. marie "bella" swan (later bella cullen) is a character and the protagonist of the twilight series, written by stephenie meyer. online - your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. we take a look now at the lucky guys and gals the twilight saga stars have deemed worthy of their love, and ask who are they dating now? she is also described by edward as "very graceful", even for a vampire, in comparison to her earlier clumsiness. bella moved to forks to live with her father in twilight to give her mother space with her new husband, phil. but when they pack, she throws tantrums at them, expressing her anger and pain for the first time since they left. and bella get to know each other better, and he reveals that he has great difficulty being near her due to the unusually appetizing smell of her blood; he must constantly control his thirst, lest his vampiric instincts take over and drive him to slaughter her. after the confrontation resolved, bella and edward embrace renesmee with their arms. she also cares for the rest of the cullen family, her father charlie and mother renée, and her friend jacob black. mostly stays in the background while observing the volturi's interrogation on the cullens and bree. bella found the climate in forks unpleasant, though, and from 2002 onward, charlie vacationed with her in california instead. bella originally believed that she was carrying a boy and named her "e. bella found him intimidating but fine to be with, describing him as the kind of big brother she'd wanted but much more horrifying. they spend their honeymoon on isle esme, a fictional small island off the coast of brazil that was given to esme as a gift from carlisle. victoria's mate, james, is a sadistic tracker vampire who has set his sights on killing bella for sports; he was fascinated by edward's protectiveness of a human. when he is put in charge with teaching bella how to fight, she notes that he's using the opportunity as a vendetta for all the losses of arm-wrestling. premise for both the bella swan character and the twilight series originated in a dream stephenie meyer had in which an "average girl" and a "fantastically beautiful, sparkly . in the film series, bella is portrayed by actress kristen stewart. jenks to forge passports and ids for renesmee and jacob if they fail to stop the volturi. she becomes unable to adjust food, and is dying slowly. though everyone else in her family has grown used to the nickname, she continues refers to her by her real name.
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    edward turns her into a vampire to save her life. bella wasn't entirely fond of the idea, but nevertheless offered her blessing. she is upset about this, but her mood greatly improves when edward comes to visit her. have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. he is a vampire, who has chosen to drink animal blood as a substitute like the rest of the cullen family. edward introduces her to his family, and soon after she is invited to watch their baseball game. nearly dies giving birth but edward successfully delivers their baby girl and then injects his venom into bella's heart, thus healing her wounds by turning her into a vampire. according to eclipse, jacob and edward saying that she's a terrible liar, are evidence to this. she's asked by nylon magazine about the rumors of her and rob and denies them, saying they are simply "good friends. we think it's very cool that so many of the cast are so happy in love, although it is equally wonderful to know that kellan and taylor are still fair game!" in the review of new moon, kirkus reviews said that bella's personality was "flat and obsessive. mike frequently tries to ask bella out, but she always declines. kristen is accompanied and often photographed on the city streets with her still-beau michael.: characters in fantasy literaturefictional characters introduced in 2005fictional characters from arizonafictional characters from washington (state)fictional characters who can move at superhuman speedsfictional characters with superhuman strengthfictional vampiresfictional psychicsvampires in written fictiontwilight series charactersteenage characters in filmromance film charactershidden categories: articles with a promotional tone from january 2017all articles with a promotional tonearticles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from january 2017all articles that need to differentiate between fact and fictionwikipedia introduction cleanup from january 2017all pages needing cleanuparticles covered by wikiproject wikify from january 2017all articles covered by wikiproject wikifywikipedia indefinitely move-protected pagespages using deprecated image syntax. stewart and robert pattinson: the complete history of robsten from twilight to her snow white hookup. having no other allies since the denali coven refused to get involved in the fight, the cullens and the la push wolf pack join forces to battle victoria and her army in order to protect forks and bella. while there, she carelessly approaches four men standing outside a bar. that same night, bella angrily confronts her for leaving her cryptic clues that caused her endless mental pain. she is also very brave, able to block painful thoughts and memories (hence her special vampire ability), and tends to come face-to-face with life-threatening danger head-on, even though she can get scared later. a newborn vampire, she demonstrates a very high level of self-control; being able to run away from the scent of human blood on her first hunting trip, and later, restrain herself from attacking her father; this is unusual for newborn vampires, because their state as new vampires brings an overwhelming thirst for blood, and thus they usually have a hard time controlling their urges and desires. bella is determined to be with edward forever, but at the age of 17. bella was six years old, they moved to phoenix, arizona. even more so, she is amazed by the passionate touches of edward now that he no longer has to worry about hurting her. bella later finds out jacob imprinted on renesmee, which makes her very angry; she calms down quickly, but not before trying to kill jacob after also finding out that he had nicknamed her daughter "nessie", after the loch ness monster.!November 2011: the duo continue their covert flirt assault, getting indelibly joined together at a hand and footprint ceremony in front of grauman's chinese theatre in l. bella tries to make things right with jacob, to which edward strongly objects, stating that werewolves are unstable and that they could hurt her.―bella on seeing herself for the first time since her transformation. during a birthday celebration at the cullens, bella gets a small paper cut while unwrapping a present. renee's career was the one thing that bella truly respected. edward asks jacob to try to convince her to kill the baby that was killing her, but bella refuses, because she loves it. the cast is back together in vancouver to begin work on the twilight saga: eclipse, and while in town, rob and kristen attend a kings of leon concert. she became pregnant with renesmee, carlisle and edward wanted to abort the child for her health, but esme, emmett and rosalie siding with bella compels him to think otherwise. swath is also released in theaters and opens at no. 2009: tabloids explode with reports that kristen and michael have split.العربيةazərbaycancaбългарскиcatalàdanskespañolفارسیfrançaisgaeilge한국어հայերենhrvatskibahasa indonesiaitalianomagyarмакедонскиnederlands日本語polskiportuguêsromânăрусскийslovenčinaslovenščinasrpskohrvatski / српскохрватскиsuomisvenskaไทยtürkçeукраїнськаtiếng việt. 24, 2012: us weekly reveals a cover story titled "kristen cheats on rob" with a photo swath director sanders in an embrace. twilight, kirkus reviews stated that "bella's appeal is based on magic rather than character", but that her and edward's "portrayal of dangerous lovers hits the spot. jacob forcefully kisses bella, resulting in her punching him, breaking her hand and almost ending their friendship. everyone is worried about her thirst, she manages to retain complete control and hugs her daughter. the volturi prepare to end their family, alice runs away with jasper but leaves clues for bella to find a lawyer named j. her dislike of bella began to fade a little bit after she risked her life to save edward from committing suicide, but she still wanted her to remain human. when edward once again refuses to transform bella into a vampire, she decides to let his family decide whether she should be changed and thus join their family.
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to protect the baby, she has rosalie be her guardian, and emmett and esme side with her. jessica has an on-and off-relationship with mike, though is seemingly jealous of mike's affection towards bella. this is most obviously illustrated in her consistent denial of any romantic feelings for jacob black, despite the fact that she later realizes that she is, indeed, in love with him. bella subsequently is very fascinated with his physique, and skills, and the purity of his heart.[3] edward eventually admits to this truth, though his family hunts only animals, not humans, through moral choice. later, edward rescues bella from a gang of men in port angeles. she was fluid even in stillness, and her flawless face was pale as the moon against the frame of her dark, heavy hair. mike develops a new romantic relationship with jessica stanley when he accepts that edward is bella's boyfriend. 2009: after a winter apart, the gang reunites for the japanese premiere and various fan events, as tight-knit as ever. she comes to care deeply for jacob, though less than she loves edward. bella also discovers that the vampire victoria has returned to forks, seeking to kill bella to avenge her mate, james', death. breaking dawn, bella can detect minor changes in renesmee's physical appearance, such as her hair growing a couple of millimeters. is described as being exceptionally clumsy, dropping and tripping over everything in sight, and so is easily described as the most fragile human in the world; however this changes once she is transformed into a vampire. on their honeymoon, she becomes pregnant by edward and, due to the peculiar nature of her baby, bella nearly dies giving birth to their daughter, renesmee cullen. however, if the cullens do make her into a vampire, they will have broken their treaty with the la push werewolves, which would start a war with the cullens. but the cullen family rush to bella's aid and edward manages to drain the venom out of her system before it was too late. though charlie was shocked by the sudden information, he adjusts to it very quickly and demands to be told as little as possible about the supernatural in order to keep bella and her in-law family in forks. that night, sam uley tracks her down and takes her home. in a misguided attempt to protect bella, he convinces her that he no longer loves her and moves away with his family, leaving her heartbroken and depressed for months. news that stewart had a fling with her snow white and the huntsman director rupert sanders, we are bracing for potential fallout. however, she was not able to guess that edward was in love with her. newton is a generically popular boy at bella's new high school who is instantly attracted to bella. cut to oscar weekend later in the month, and the duo is just as close, if a bit more careful with their affection in public. one week after edward's departure, her parents decide it would be better for her to move to jacksonville to live with her mother. they consummate their marriage, but their lovemaking sparks a conflict between the newlywed couple: edward is horrified that he has bruised his wife, but bella insists that she is fine and wants edward to make love to her again. all except edward and rosalie vote affirmatively for her to be changed. edward later threatens to break jacob's jaw for bella if he ever kisses her without her permission again. when she returns, jacob confronts edward and bella finds out that victoria is back. he later develops a romantic relationship with a redheaded junior by the name of katie marshall, who lives next door to bella, as stated in new moon. she is also said to be a terrible liar, but occasionally demonstrates good acting ability and she's good at lying to herself. she's a bit short, five foot four inches tall, slender but not at all muscular, and weighs about 115 pounds. the movie of new moon, bella comforts him that he cannot be damned to be a vampire. (january 2017) (learn how and when to remove this template message). tells her life story to bella in eclipse, hoping to make her consider her options before making her decision. bella soon realizes that whenever she puts herself in a dangerous situation, she can hear edward's voice with perfect clarity.-fall 2010: rob and kristen reportedly rent a place together in l. bella, whose opinion of marriage is jaded by her own parents' early divorce, agrees to marry edward on the condition that he will make love with her while she is still human and then turn her into a vampire. afterwards, bella becomes very sick and realizes that she is pregnant with their child. is about a 17-year-old girl named bella swan, who moves from her mother's home in phoenix, arizona, to live with her father in her birthtown of forks, washington. from then on, he thinks of her as part of the family and welcomes her with his heart. she dreams about looking much older than edward cullen, her boyfriend. but she soon regains self-control, and bella, edward, and jacob make peace.

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cullen is bella and edward's biological daughter, conceived on isle esme in breaking dawn and was born almost one month later. is very likely that bella inherited her personality and power from charlie, who has a similar, though less powerful mental defense."i realized now that i'd long ago given up any aspirations of shining at anything. a trip down to la push with her classmates, bella encounters a family friend, jacob black, who informs her that the cullens are supposedly vampires according to his tribe's legend. also does not have any acknowledged flaws in the novels, besides her clumsiness, which is generally agreed to be depicted as endearing and cute.[11] meyer stated that she was "very excited" to see stewart play the part and that she was "thrilled to have a bella who has practice [in a vast array of film genres]", since, according to meyer, twilight has moments that fit into many genres. Cullen and Bella Swan are officially husband and wife, as portrayed in Breaking Dawn part one but what about the real life personas of Robert Pattinso. please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. he tells the whole school and convinces most of the students that he is taking bella to prom, much to her annoyance.'s concern for renesmee's future is also put to rest when she learns that her daughter will cease to age at seven, where she will remain young and healthy for at least 150 years. & kristen - adorable and funny moments that makes the heart melt. she is then offered a place within the volturi, along with edward and alice, but none of them accept the offer. at edward and bella's wedding reception, edward commented that mike was having improper thoughts about her again. also, after going against sam's orders to kill bella and her baby, jacob forms his own pack with leah and seth clearwater to protect her and the cullens. knowing this, edward tries to convince bella to save her life by having an abortion, but bella refuses, as she has come to love the child. however, bella feels a bond with her unborn child and insists on giving birth. 2009: while on the new moon promotional trail, rob and kristen are spotted walking the tarmac at the paris airport, hand-in-hand. on occasion, jasper would use his power to calm bella. breaking dawn, angela is the one who catches bella's wedding bouquet at her reception. puts her love for her daughter on an equal level as her love to edward: a different kind of love, but just as intense. and bella leave for their honeymoon to isle esme, where they consummate their marriage. "we did one day of auditions and a bunch of guys came in. edward, after mistakenly being informed that bella has committed suicide, travels to volterra, italy, to request the volturi to destroy him. she hates dressing up, saying that makeup "is a pain" and that she feels uncomfortable in impractical, elegant clothes; however, alice doesn't care what bella thinks and continues to persuade her to dress up and look glamorous. this results in her hearing edward's voice inside her head, warning her to turn around. in addition, she has also inherited bella's chocolate brown eyes. 2009: a rather epic moment in the life of the robsten chronicler. has been four years since the breaking dawn - part 2 movie was released and the cast have blossomed into established stars. none of us did, but you do and you're choosing wrong! learned to take care of her mother over the years and being naturally responsible, bella had developed into a very mature person, especially for her age. her features are also heightened and perfected by the transformation. bella expresses a desire to become a vampire herself, against edward's wishes. bella later notices that she is getting unusual illnesses and changes of appetite, but does not make anything of it. bella was pregnant with renesmee, she asked rosalie to be her guardian, knowing that she would side with her. she was later invited as a guest at bella and edward's wedding. she hates cold and wet places, being a "warm" person. while bella declines, insisting that she must be in seattle that day, he insists on taking her to prom. bella's body is nearly destroyed in the process—with several ribs broken, she loses vast amounts of blood, and her spinal cord is snapped. big 'beauty and the beast' differences between the original movie and the new live-action adaptation. she forgives him, and they continue their relationship as if edward never left. it was perfectly ordinary that i should take that very last step and reach for her, putting my hands exactly where they would fit best as i pulled her gently toward me. he confesses his true feelings and promises to never leave her again.

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. jenks is a lawyer and a forger, and has counted jasper as his priority client for over twenty years. visits her mother in eclipse after edward talks her into using the plane tickets she'd got from his parents, and finds herself in torment as her time as a human is shortening by the day. the films, bella's hair is quite curly and wavy instead of straight." the name 'isabella' was decided upon, meyer explains, because "after spending so much time with [the character], i loved her like a daughter. he becomes jealous when he realizes that bella and edward cullen are dating. lohr of the chicago tribune compares bella's character to the story of the quileute wolves and describes it as "less satisfying. her eyebrows are darker than her hair and more straight than they are arched. edward disapproves of this greatly and always tries to reassure her that she is more than worthy of his love, and that she has his heart forever. she is a minor character in the books, she becomes bella's best friend on the human category, comforting bella during her depression in new moon and attending bella's wedding in breaking dawn. jenks • omar jenks • rowena king • royce king ii • austin marks • bob marks • deputy mark • katie marshall • edward masen, sr. eclipse, jacob acts upon his romantic feelings for bella, and tries to convince her to leave edward for him. also, she combines her name with esme's, naming her newborn granddaughter "renesmee", in honor of her mother and mother-in-law. check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and tv shows! he continuously tries to convince bella to fill out more application forms for dartmouth after getting accepted to the university of alaska, but bella thinks that college is pointless since she will become a vampire soon anyway. after renée took her away to phoenix, the only times bella would see charlie was in the summer. he apologizes for his misguided action and asks for her forgiveness, which bella quickly grants. they're also spotted together on the montreal set of on the road. while phil traveled around for his job, renée stayed home with bella; however, bella, noticing her mother's unhappiness with this arrangement, chose to move in with her father in forks so renée could go on the road with phil during baseball season, leading to the beginning of twilight. however, when she returns to her room, she realizes that she has nothing that reminds her of edward and sinks into deep depression. soon, edward comes to love the baby as well, after he hears its thoughts and learns that the baby loves bella in return and doesn't mean to hurt her. her face is heart-shaped—a wide forehead with a widow's peak, large, wide-spaced eyes, prominent cheekbones, and then a thin nose and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin. she was 'practically' the first person bella had a full conversation with in school as well as being her first friend, although bella initially disregarded her as "superficial". in forks, edward explains why he had to leave and begs her forgiveness. she tends to get overtly excited, such as on graduation day, where she states that they were friends right away, even though at one point she ignored bella for most of the semester. jacob thinks that, since he is more human than edward, he will be safer for bella to have a relationship with. alice finds bella and tells her that edward is going to volterra to ask the volturi to kill him, because he believes bella is dead. it comes to fashion, bella is somewhat of a tomboy. weekly's jennifer reese, in her review of breaking dawn noted, in regard to bella, "you may wish she had loftier goals and a mind of her own, but these are fairy tales, and as a steadfast lover in the disney princess mold, bella has a certain saccharine appeal", and that during bella's pregnancy "she is not only hard to identify with but positively horrifying, especially while guzzling human blood to nourish the infant. the two have been off and on more times than carrie and mr big, but there are rumors of an engagement circulating. the volturi arrive at the end of december, the cullens and their allies manage to convince them that renesmee really is half-human, but aro, dead-set on claiming the gifts of the cullens and some of their friends, plots every possible justification to kill renesmee. her eyebrows are darker than her hair and are straighter than they are arched. rosalie initially disliked her for the attention she was receiving from edward, and later for wanting to become a vampire; something she would never have considered if she'd had a choice. edward explains that he is reluctant to change bella into a vampire because he believes that vampires are soulless creatures who have no place in heaven. shortly after her creation, edward takes her out on her first hunt. after bella is changed into a vampire by edward, she becomes extremely beautiful with even paler skin, straight waist-length hair, and crimson red eyes that will eventually turn gold after months of drinking animal blood. the volturi have no more plots to start a war with the cullens, and, with the help of the shape-shifters, alice's research, and bella's gift, retreat to volterra, though irina pays for her mistake with her life. to combat this threat, a grudging truce is struck between the cullens and the native american shape-shifting wolf pack led by sam uley and jacob black, who pits himself against edward as a love interest for bella.[1][2] in the end, they put their arguments aside to enjoy the evening, but bella knows the conversation is not over. she comes to accept jacob's imprinting on renesmee during the volturi crisis, and they remain best friends. 2009: the cast hits up comic-con, this time with taylor lautner positioned in between rob and kristen at nearly every press opportunity. weber, kind and shy yet insightful, is among the human friends bella made after moving to forks. she is also known to be incredibly stubborn, because of her determination to become a vampire in order to be with edward forever.

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in the second novel, new moon, edward and the other cullens leave forks in an effort to keep bella safe from the vampire world. after a brief confrontation with several volturi soldiers, bella goes to visit jacob, who was wounded in the battle. tyler crowley's car almost hits bella, edward knocks her out of the way and shields her from the collision. after bella was changed into a vampire and has a daughter with edward, she decides to keep these facts hidden from renée to protect her, as these facts are not easy to for the fainthearted to accept. bella learns from family friend jacob black that quileute legends say the cullen family are vampires.[8] bella's private mind that was able to repel some vampires' mental abilities while she was human evolved after she became a vampire; her skill strengthened, allowing her to shield herself and those around her from other vampires' mental gifts. it seems she got a taste for vampires on the set of twilight and fell for the vampires diaries dreamboat. during the birth, complications occur and edward, after delivering their baby via caesarean section, injects bella with his venom by injecting it straight into her heart and biting her to speed up the process, thereby transforming her into a vampire and saving her life. becoming a vampire, bella explains that she has a clearer view of the world, and was impressed with her new family's and her husband's physical appearances. because of her shield, bella is considered one of the most powerful vampires alive. the cullens look for other vampires to be witnesses, including nomads and other covens, such as the irish and the amazon covens. she is transformed into a vampire by edward after nearly dying giving birth to their daughter, renesmee cullen, a human/vampire hybrid. this makes edward believe that it is not bad luck that follows her around, but that she has no sense of self-preservation. during pregnancy, rosalie cared for and protected bella, though she mostly focused on the baby. r-patz and kristen may not have made it in the real world, but that doesn't mean to say they haven't found love elsewhere. during bella's painful transformation, jacob imprints—an involuntary process in which a shape-shifter finds his soul mate—on the baby, renesmee cullen., bella still has her heart set on joining edward and his family as a vampire. eventually, edward agrees to try, but she must marry him first. inherited her mother's perceptiveness to some degree, as she was able to guess edward was a mind reader, the first human to do so. because bella knows about vampires, the volturi want to kill her, but alice claims she has foreseen bella becoming a vampire." the same month, she's on hand in london to help ring in rob's birthday with a party at claridge's hotel and they're together again in cannes, where both are promoting films. bella and edward then go to their meadow, and they agree to tell charlie about their engagement. 2012: in an interview with blackbook, rob denies reports that he and kristen were planning to walk down the aisle, but gushed that stewart "has always done something to me that others haven't. having a typical bella moment, which includes dropping a cup full of blood, the hardened placenta detaches, and edward, rosalie, and jacob are forced to perform an emergency surgery since carlisle is hunting with esme. she had displayed this power since before the beginning of the twilight series, and by becoming a vampire, her shield was greatly intensified in strength. the short second life of bree tanner, riley stole bella's red blouse and brought it to the newborns while telling them about the cullens, saying that they are out to get them to reclaim seattle to themselves and that bella is kept as their "pet". bella noticed that renée felt lonely due to the lack of romance in her life, she encouraged her mother to go on more dates. edward then sees an article in the newspaper about a series of mysterious killings in seattle and explains to bella that these killings are most likely caused by a newborn; a recently turned vampire who is unable to control its thirst. she becomes a vampire, she challenges emmett to an arm-wrestling match and wins the right to prohibit him from joking about her sex life with edward. twilight, bella moves to her father's home in forks, washington, meets the mysterious cullen family, and falls in love with edward cullen. the scar is described as being pale, always a few degrees colder than the rest of her body, and it shines like a vampire's skin when exposed to the sunlight. renée took bella with her to downey, california, to live with her difficult grandmother, before moving to riverside after her mother got her education degree and landed a job as a kindergarten teacher at a local school. later, jacob meets with edward and bella to remind edward and his family of the treaty made between the cullens and the la push werewolves, which states that no cullen may bite a human. she later tells jacob that she has chosen edward over him, breaking his heart. supports her daughter's choice to marry young wholeheartedly when she first tells her about the engagement, despite her great dislike of young marriage, and attends her daughter's wedding. on dec 5, 2011edward cullen and bella swan are officially husband and wife, as portrayed in breaking dawn part one but what about the real life personas of robert pattinson and kristen stewart? bella appears to be talented at being a vampire, as she learns to control her new abilities and urges very quickly, even saying that she felt like she was born to be one, and is very graceful in her new state. she spots the surrendered newborn, bree, who believed bella was a vampire until her face is revealed. 2012: the notoriously low-key couple attend a pal's birthday and their sweet pda is plastered all over facebook. additionally, it has no effect against alice's power of subjective precognition, jasper's ability to control her mood, benjamin's power to control the elements of nature, and marcus's power to detect relationships, since her shield can only block psychic powers that are connected to the mind. she does not notice the physical attraction she holds for the male students at the school, and makes a few new friends, including jessica stanley, angela weber, and mike newton, the latter of whom she later discovers is very interested in her.., your information may be transferred to, processed and used in the u.

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the film adaptations, bella is portrayed by actress kristen stewart. prefers to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself and hates when someone tries to understand her, which is thought to be why edward is unable to hear her thoughts. during their honeymoon on a private island, isle esme, edward and bella consummate their marriage and conceive a vampire-human hybrid child. alice likes to dress her up and provide any kind of fashion to make her look pretty, although bella dislikes the idea of fashion. steamy photos from set inevitably leak, and the couple continues to be photographed in all manner of coupley encounters wherever they go. in new moon, bella tries to rekindle their friendship after four months of "being a zombie" after the cullens left forks. jacob black, a member of the quileute tribe who is also a shape shifter taking a wolf form, comforts the distraught and severely depressed bella. he is not upset that bella ran away, and realizes that he has been overprotective. aside from edward and renesmee, she is the closest to her in the cullen family. and third, i was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.." (edward jacob), but saved up the name "renesmee" in case it's a girl, which proves to be true. when he fell in love with bella, esme discovered the change in him and was grateful to her for it. bella's love and confidence in edward's restraint is such that his warnings go unheeded, and on an outing with the cullens she becomes the target of a sadistic vampire, james. after seeing a bag of unused tampons, she realizes that she is pregnant with a half-human half-vampire offspring. baby develops at an extremely fast rate, and she becomes very sick. the shirt gave bella's scent to the newborns, which bree tanner described as the sweetest scent she'd ever smelled.: rob, kristen and the best of the teen choice awards. jessica later ignores bella and starts hanging out with lauren. when a vampire named laurent tries to attack and kill her, bella is saved by a pack of giant wolves. edward realizes that his relationship with bella puts her in danger. edward, isolated from his family by his own volition, is told by rosalie, his other adopted sister, that bella is dead. although she still chose immortality over mortality, rosalie volunteered to help do bella's hair on her wedding day. it is not until two weeks later that bella learns what had happened to her friend: he has become a werewolf and is avoiding bella for her own safety. the twilight series, consisting of the novels twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn, is primarily narrated from bella's point of view. bella acknowledges that edward is the most important person in her life, agreeing to announce their engagement to her father. yorkie, like mike newton, immediately took an interest in bella when she arrived in forks.'s positive reception at her new school in forks, particularly her popularity with male characters, was modelled after meyer's real life move from high school to college. sometime later, jacob overhears that bella and edward are engaged and makes bella kiss him, saying that if she doesn't he will get himself killed. once the volturi leave, edward and bella are finally free to live their lives in peace with their daughter forever and stay with them. the scar is described as pale, always a few degrees colder than the rest of her body, and slightly sparkly in the sunlight. they arrive just on time to prevent the confrontation from turning into an ugly fight and save their family from slaughter. he is friendly and bella thinks he possesses traits like a golden retriever: his happiness and loyalty in walking her to class and speaking with her every day. tyler also tries to pick her up at her house, but edward tells him that she is unavailable as far as everyone but he is concerned. because most humans are unaware that vampires exist, the volturi threaten to kill bella if this does not happen soon. edward's hatred ceases when he hears the child's thoughts to find that she already loves her parents, and that she has been hurting her mother by accident, and tries hard not to hurt her again. and bella become friends, when suddenly jacob refuses to answer any of her calls and asks her not to come to his house anymore. luckily, only the werewolves and the cullens hear the argument. all but rosalie and edward vote for her to be changed, but edward agrees to change her himself if she will marry him. 2010: eclipse producer wyck godfrey confirms to time that the duo are dating: "the thing that i think about is, 'oh my god, i hope they stay together. and elizabeth masen, as well as the adoptive daughter-in-law of carlisle and esme cullen. 12, 2012: the duo arrive together at comic-con, and proceed to delight fans with good-natured banter at their final panel for the twilight franchise. she glared at me vigorously, shuddering and writhing every few seconds.

please read the layout guide and lead section guidelines to ensure the section will still be inclusive of all essential details. her plan for the future was to get a degree in education and teach, like her mother. the arrival and judgment of the volturi, bella gives renesmee a golden locket (inscribed with the words "plus que ma propre vie" which means "more than my own life" in french). her limbs were smooth and strong, skin glistening subtly, luminous as a pearl. kristen also covers vanity fair, and rob gave the magazine one of its choicest quotes: "the perception of her is that she's 'awkward." at the same time, rob finally seemed to go public himself, thanking ann curry when the then-today anchor congratulated him on his success and beautiful girlfriend. times the twilight cast were the cutest bffs in real life! at the end of breaking dawn, bella learns how to deactivate her mental shield allowing edward to read her thoughts for the first time, which brings them even closer together. bella can also remove her shield completely and allow vampires' mental powers work on her if she so chooses, though it is more difficult than pushing it out. while there, she carelessly approaches a group of dangerous-looking men outside a bar and discovers she can hear edward's voice when her adrenaline is high. bella became a vampire and mothered a half-vampire half-human child, jacob told charlie about the mystical world to keep the cullens in forks. however, seeing how important it is to bella, he agrees to try, but only after they are married. when the volturi leaders find bella a liability due to her knowledge of vampires, the cullens make a promise to change her into a vampire so that they can be let free.'s original characters were unnamed; she took to calling the characters, who would later become edward cullen and bella, 'he' and 'she' for the purpose of convenience as she, "didn't want to lose the dream. edward stands with bella and their allies to convince the volturi that renesmee is not an immortal child and poses no threat to their existence. allows alice to arrange her wedding after her endless pleading and made her maid of honor, although she retains veto-power on the guest list. crowley is bella's schoolmate in forks, and her "almost-murderer" in twilight: his car skidded on the icy parking lot and spun out of control, which wound up almost killing her until edward stopped the van. breaking dawn, alice sends bella to jenks to forge documents for renesmee and jacob to escape the volturi's slaughter. charlie is shocked to discover bella has known about the mythical world for years, and tells her to tell him only what is absolutely necessary for him to know. some of the cast are still yet to find the bella to their edward or the jasper to their alice. the battle, jacob overhears bella and edward discussing their engagement and becomes very upset. please clean it up to conform to a higher standard of quality, and to make it neutral in tone. being naturally responsible, bella is quite mature for her age. he merely finds these amusing, though he does all but admit to his mind-reading abilities and her immunity to them. suddenly, she was absolutely real, and of course i knew her. he vows not to make love with her again until she has been turned, but bella succeeds in getting him to do so. the first chapter of breaking dawn, it is revealed that bella and edward have told both of her parents about their engagement and both given their blessing, though charlie is still slightly resistant to the thought of their marriage. bella insists that he would never allow himself to let that happen. edward and bella first realize their strong feelings for each other, bella loves him unconditionally, believing edward to be absolutely perfect, and does not believe or consider herself as being worthy of his love. while she is still grounded by her father, edward is allowed into the house until nine o'clock. she does so, and realizes that she is in love with jacob. bella was changed into a vampire by her husband edward cullen in breaking dawn, in keeping with the appearance of most vampires, she became extremely beautiful, her eyes turned red, and her skin became paler and smoother. bella is thus left in a difficult position: if she does not become a vampire, the volturi will come to kill her. a young age, bella held more responsibilities for the house than her mother. even though they hardly talk, the two really care for each other. though usually a kindhearted girl, she has some selfish tendencies due to prioritizing edward over anything else. is described as having a very pale complexion with long, straight, dark brown hair, a widow's peak, unique chocolate brown eyes and a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead. free time, she preferred to sit home and read, in part because she was extraordinarily clumsy. they bond through this business, and bella decides to take over jenks's business relationship with jasper to spare him a heart attack. 2011: they resurface once again at comic-con and this time are far more open with their affection, posing with their arms around each other and joking during panels. her shield is powerful, it has many limitations: it has no effect against a physical attack, which makes it easy for an enemy to invade her shield and use his power on those she protects. through jacob's joking, edward then suggests for bella to drink donated human blood, and she quickly becomes stronger, but it also makes the baby so strong that it breaks her ribs by accident.

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due to bella's uncanny ability to attract accidents, edward finds himself often protecting her from various unlikely calamities, and finds himself growing extremely protective of her—to the point where even he admits he sometimes goes too far. at the end of the series, bella drops her shield to let edward to read her mind for the first time, showing him how much she really loves him. this power comes from her subconscious desire to protect her mind above everything else, and as long as she holds on to that desire, it makes the shield difficult to extract. for fear of bella putting herself in danger, he bribes alice with a yellow 911 porsche turbo to watch over bella while he's gone and keep her away from jacob. bella adjusts to her new life extremely well, going as far as to think she was destined to be a vampire. her father charlie shows a less developed form of this shield; indeed, edward finds him difficult to read, but not completely closed off like bella. bella is very close to her mother, though she sometimes feels like she is the mother and renée is the child. she hates being singled out, and doesn't like her birthday being celebrated. later that night, bella cries about having to reject jacob, while edward comforts her through the night. although initially outraged by his family's decision, edward later agrees to change her himself if she agrees to marry him first. edward then injects her heart with his own venom and bites her body in several places, effectively turning bella into a vampire. become closer to each other after bella became a vampire. he initially expected her to act like any newborn vampire; vicious and uncontrollable by thirst, and was always near her side to immobilize her; however, to his surprise, she is very in control of her new instincts. seeing the baby is a girl, bella names her "renesmee" right before her heart stops beating."well, bella was just like everybody else, totally mesmerized by edward, or "the hair," as i call him. bella is a regular girl who isn't very concerned with her hygiene or wellbeing. bella felt that jacob was a good friend, and that he was her own "personal little sun" which would beam happiness in every direction wherever he went. to myths and legends on the south, the mothers of this particular kind of children have never survived the pregnancy. she is the adoptive sister-in-law of alice and emmett cullen, and of jasper and rosalie hale.-patz is happily coupled up with musician and dancer fka twigs, real name tahliah debrett barnett. however, he gets into an argument with bella about her wanting to make love with edward while she is still human. upon returning home, edward tells bella that he never stopped loving her, and he only left forks because he thought it would protect her. after this, victoria and riley, another vampire, find their hiding spot. because she lacks any noticeable redeeming qualities, she reads classics and listens to music. this allows bella to keep her father in her new life without putting him in danger. one group of people at forks high school that truly intrigues bella are the cullens, a mysterious family consisting of five adopted children. second, there was a part of him—and i didn't know how potent that part might be—that thirsted for my blood. breaking dawn, bella overcomes her fear of marriage and happily marries edward, becoming "bella cullen". jacob arrives at the party despite her rejection of him, and bella is very relieved that jacob has decided to come after all. jamie is unfazed by the child star's fame, and despite a thirteen year age gap, the two seem very happy together." dalfonzo also states that bella gets what she wants and discovers her worth "by giving up her identity and throwing away nearly everything in life that matters."june 24, 2012: kristen and rob and a bevy of famous friends attend seriously star-studded nuptials in new jersey, where rob played dj and the duo happily posed for pics with partygoers. she briefly took ballet and piano lessons, but quit them after some time because she found them too difficult. marie swan (birth name)bella cullenbella (preferred name)bells (by charlie swan and jacob black)bell (by charlie swan and jacob black)arizona (by mike newton)spider monkey (by edward cullen)vampire girl (by emily young & embry call)leech-lover (by leah clearwater & paul lahote)swan girl (by emmett cullen). black, a quileute and the son of charlie swan's friend, billy black, is bella's best friend since she came to live in forks. alice returns to forks and discovers bella is alive; she and bella pursue edward to italy and successfully prevent him from showing himself in daylight to humans, an act that would result in his execution. she feels terrible after doing so, but edward isn't angry. this led her to believe that her self-control was her gift when it was really a production of her mental preparation and maturity. edward wants her to have a normal human life, in other words saying that he will love her on any condition, mortal or not. edward first became fascinated with her due to his inability to read her mind, but her blood smells unbearably enticing to him that he finds it hard to be in her presence. she doesn't like spending money on luxurious items, as she stated to edward in new moon 'not to spend a dime on my birthday,' and that fast cars are unnecessary, saying that edward gave her himself and anything else he gives her would throw their relationship off balance. cullen (husband) renesmee cullen (daughter)charlie swan (father)renée dwyer (mother)phil dwyer (stepfather)marie higginbotham (maternal grandmother) ♰unnamed maternal grandfather ♰geoffrey swan (paternal grandfather) ♰helen swan (paternal grandmother) ♰edward masen, sr.

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she always wears jeans and sneakers, being uncaring of her appearance. all these flaws make edward very protective of her, deeming her "the most fragile human being". and jessica have a closer friendship in the movie adaptations than in the books. during one of the visits, jacob admits that he is in love with bella and forcefully kisses her. bella spends time in a hospital with edward constantly by her side, where he admits that his sister alice saw a vision of bella becoming a vampire. her father is very protective and therefore very suspicious of edward cullen, for having caused great emotional pain to his daughter. it was hard to tell if her features were beautiful, twisted as they were by rage and thirst. edward cullen, in particular, captures her attention, along with his adopted siblings, namely: alice, a petite girl with black, pixie-cut hair, who has the ability to see the future; jasper, her husband, who has the hardest time in the family abstaining from human blood; emmett, a broad, extremely muscular vampire; finally, rosalie, his wife, who is a beautiful, self-absorbed woman. stanley has an on and off friendship with bella, particularly since edward and bella started dating. agrees to let bella become one them during a family assembly in new moon. bella moves back to forks, renée is the main reason, as she renders her unhappy every time her new husband, phil dwyer, is away due to his job, and she decides to move back to forks so that her mother wouldn't have to stay home with her. the following month, she's joined by hometown native pattinson and they are once again inseparable. when alice, who has the power to see the future, sees bella jump, she believes bella has committed suicide and subsequently returns to forks. attracts the attention of three nomads, victoria, james and laurent. bella described him as being the "overtly eager" chess club type, and he was one of the three boys (namely mike, tyler and himself) who asked bella to the spring dance, though she declined all three. bella is also described as reclusive, quiet, insecure but kind-hearted, compassionate and caring towards others. bella always finds angela better to be around than jessica, though she would avoid her sometimes to save her worries. she also learns battle skills from lessons taught by edward, rosalie, emmett, garrett, tanya, eleazar and zafrina. months after james's demise, edward takes bella to their high school prom, despite her broken leg and angry protests. pattinson bites and kisses kristen stewart from "breaking dawn" straight to the box office. meanwhile, edward has bought her a mercedes guardian, which she sees as either a sign of compassion and caring or as over-protectiveness and worry about her safety. according to a tabloid they are married as well in a secret ceremony in england. he knows nothing of vampires, but he is well aware the cullens never age and that he is dealing with the supernatural where they are concerned. bella receives a paper cut while opening one of her gifts, drawing a single drop of blood and causing edward's brother, jasper, to try to attack her. the vampire was particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, and was having a difficult time restraining himself from killing her. nearly killing bella in a car accident, tyler feels obliged to make things even. eventually, renée fell in love with and married a minor league baseball player named phil dwyer.―bella's quote of romeo and juliet in new moon[src]. she later accepts it when she learns jacob's imprinting is involuntary, and that renesmee loves jacob as well, though she finds this annoying. post journalist elizabeth hand noted how bella was often described as breakable and that "edward's habit of constantly pulling her onto his lap or having her ride on his back further emphasize her childlike qualities", continuing to write that "the overall effect is a weird infantilization that has repellent overtones to an adult reader and hardly seems like an admirable model to foist upon our daughters (or sons). although she is tempted by bella's blood, carlisle manages to talk her into composing herself. swan • edward cullen • jacob black • renesmee cullen • carlisle cullen • esme cullen • rosalie hale • emmett cullen • alice cullen • jasper hale • charlie swan • victoria • bree tannerbeau swan • edythe cullen • carine cullen • earnest cullen • royal hale • eleanor cullen • archie cullen • jessamine hale. people magazine reports stewart and sanders shared "a fleeting moment" that a source close to stewart labels "a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment. she invites her friend jessica to go to port angeles with her for dinner and a movie. meyer has stated that bella's "tragic flaw" in eclipse is her lack of self-knowledge. sometimes, she would feel like she was the adult and renée was the child. a vampire named irina mistakes renesmee for an immortal vampire child (a creation that is forbidden in the vampire world), alice foresees the volturi will arrive to destroy the cullens as punishment for the alleged transgression. renesmee's middle name of "carlie" is derived from a combination of carlisle and charlie to honor them. she is also the granddaughter of geoffrey and helen swan, as well as marie higgenbotham and her ex-husband. being around jacob brought a measure of happiness back to bella's life, though he was unable to replace edward. after a painful childbirth and transformation, bella is taken to hunt before she can meet her daughter, because she has blood of her own and bella cannot guarantee not to hurt her. 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's gift allows her to shield herself and those around her from supernatural powers that affect the mind (such as edward's and aro's telepathy, jane's illusionary pain, alec's sensory paralysis, eleazar's ability identification, kate's electric shock, and zafrina's illusion), which explains why most of their powers were useless against her when she was still human. the fact that she is also an exception to many established rules, such as edward's inability to read her mind, and her exceptional control over her thirst, which no other character in the novels have, is also indicative as another "mary sue" trait—the fact that she attains and learns skills significantly faster than what is thought to be normal. with this discovery in mind, bella seeks out jacob and convinces him to fix two broken motorcycles for her and teach her how to ride. she jumps out of the window very gracefully, impressing edward, kicks off her shoes and runs barefoot through the forest. but she remains completely still throughout the process to keep from hurting edward's feelings. as the pregnancy takes a toll on bella's health, edward tries to talk her into having an abortion to save her own life. edward denies what he saw and talks bella into leaving town to visit her mom for the weekend, saying that it might be her last chance to see her before she graduates. i do realize they were made for tweens and young teens and that b. his desire for her blood, edward and bella fall passionately in love. serves as a rite of passage for bella's maturity as her days of humanity are coming to an end. edward immediately takes her back to forks where he and carlisle can abort the baby, but bella asks rosalie to protect her: she has already come to love the child. during most of her childhood, she would visit her father in forks for one month every summer, and got acquainted with rachel, rebecca and jacob black, the children of charlie's best friend, billy black, though they never became real friends. during and after dinner, she and edward converse about his abilities, namely his ability to read minds and her immunity to it. dalfonzo, in an article posted on the national review website, calls bella "self-deprecating" before her transformation into a vampire, and afterwards she is "insufferably vain. despite realizing her feelings for jacob, bella knows that those feelings could never compare to the intense love she has for edward. soon after, edward realizes that he can hear the baby's thoughts now that it has developed enough of its brain, and starts to love the baby when he hears that it "absolutely adores bella. victoria, seeking to avenge her lover, james', death, hunts bella while building a new vampire army.'s why you won't catch 'beauty and the beast' star emma watson belting out karaoke tunes. bella is furious and punches him in the face, succeeding only in breaking her hand. afterwards they are brought to speak with the volturi, where the leader aro tests her immunity to psychic powers by trying to read her mind and then tell jane to try her power, neither proves to affect her. bella, intent on becoming a vampire, decides that edward's family should vote on her fate. bella was born in forks but raised in phoenix with her mother, as renée left charlie soon after bella was born. with edward outnumbered, it at first looks like victoria will be successful in killing bella. for distinguishing features, bella has a small crescent-shaped scar on her hand where she was bitten by james, a tracker vampire, in twilight. in new moon, he tells bella of edward's last moments as a human, and later agrees to let bella join their family as a vampire in order to protect edward from committing suicide. ironically, she demonstrates good acting ability in twilight when she makes her father believe that she has dumped edward and is leaving forks. bella's injuries are not life-threatening, edward decides that she would be safer without him, his family, and his dangerous lifestyle, so he deceives bella into thinking that he does not love her any longer and leaves forks with his family. he develops a rivalry with mike newton, and later a dislike for tyler as well. it doesn't help that she also has a nightmare, where she is with who she believes to be her grandma marie, but who turns out to be herself. at the end of eclipse, bella becomes engaged to edward, and they marry in breaking dawn. in new moon, bella hangs out with jessica to avoid her father, but ends up angering her by putting herself in danger and ignoring jessica. bella and jacob reconcile, and she assists his werewolf pack in hunting down victoria with information. as part of a deal with edward, she promises to marry him if he promises to make love with her and then change her into a vampire. meanwhile, bella feels guilty about jacob, believing that her rejection caused him to run away. hear edward's voice again, bella attempts cliff-diving and nearly drowns. before the volturi could declare a battle, alice and jasper arrive with vampires kachiri and huilen and half-vampire nahuel to prove that renesmee's existence is safe to the vampire world. he initially refuses, saying that he could easily lose control in the heat of the moment and unintentionally kill her. a human, bella possessed a natural immunity to the mental powers of vampires. biers • anna-marie brandon • cynthia brandon • edgar john brandon • lillian brandon • claire brant • julia brant • mr. the beginning of twilight, bella moves back to her birth town of forks, washington, to live with her father, charlie swan, to let her mother, renée dwyer, travel with her new husband, phil. edward, in the process of defending bella from jasper, throws her into a table filled with crystal, which results in bella getting a deep cut from her wrist to her elbow. renesmee's middle-name of "carlie" is a portmanteau of both carlisle and charlie.