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however, jeremy later witnesses how stefan salvatore kills vicki after damon salvatore had turned her into a vampire. katherine, however, compelled stefan to not be afraid of katherine, to keep her secret and go on as if stefan didn't know she was a vampire. however, isobel became obsessed with vampires and after being romantically involved with him, she asked damon salvatore to turn her. however, it backfires when he is also affected by the device that neutralizes the vampires, because he carries the werewolf gene with him, and the deputies think he was a vampire too and lock him up in the basement, where he was killed by one of the tomb vampires. tripp attempts to get the names of more vampires out of enzo and fails, so he plans to drive him and the recently resurrected and captured damon into mystic falls to kill them, reuniting the two friends (in chains once again), who are then saved in an almost-failed attempt by stefan and alaric. she was later turned into a vampire by damon salvatore. she is revealed to be a member of the founders council, a secret organization dedicated to protecting mystic falls from vampires. she was a member of the founder's council and knows of the existence of vampires, but not of the existence of werewolves. caroline caught them both off guard and stefan explained to caroline that valerie was cast out of her family, without telling caroline that they were originally going to be parents. she is kidnapped and experimented on by wes maxfield, and she learns that her father also used to experiment on vampires.^ "'vampire diaries,' 'modern family' stars join alloy's 'dating rules' (exclusive)". after elena kills connor, jeremy becomes part of the five, a group of vampire hunters. 2013, a spinoff television series based around the mikaelson clan of vampires, called the originals, was ordered to series by the cw.: instagramjoseph morgan & persia whitejoseph played klaus on the show and still plays the vampire hybrid on the spinoff series the originals, but he met persia on tvd set during season three and their love has been growing ever since. morgan and daniel gillies, who play original vampire brothers (well, morgan’s character is a vampire-werewolf hybrid) were pushing for an “originals” spinoff. however, stefan learned to change his ways when he was taught to control it by a vampire named alexia "lexi" branson, who later on became stefan's best friend or companion. realizing that she was a vampire and a creature of the night, lily then faked her death and abandoned her family, feeling like she had posed a significant threat to her family as a vampire. "kai" parker is the main antagonist in season six of the vampire diaries. after caroline is locked up in a cellar by her father, who has found out that she is a vampire, liz and tyler lockwood come to her rescue. "lexi" branson was a vampire and stefan salvatore's best friend and companion.

Cast members of vampire diaries dating

: johnni macke on september 6, 2015 at 8:00 pm edt | in the vampire diaries | 1 comment. rene king (née accola;[2] born may 13, 1987)[1] is an american actress, singer, and songwriter, known for portraying the role of caroline forbes on the cw's the vampire diaries. dating rules is alloy’s sixth web series, and the company is currently webcasting first day 2: first dance and wendy. the next day, she slips vervain in tyler's coffee to see if he is a vampire too, relieved to see he isn't. jeremy then starts a relationship with a vampire named anna, but john gilbert, jeremy’s uncle, kills anna at the end of season one. when isobel flemming, alaric's supposed to be dead wife, shows up at jenna's door, jenna becomes angry with elena and alaric, who then tell her everything about vampires. and elena begin a relationship and he reveals to her that he is a vampire. during the last moments of season three, she awakens as a vampire in transition. she is also unable to recover from damon's death and starts lurking the borders of mystic falls in order to grab civilians, drink their blood, then compel them to forget, but as spirit magic no longer works in mystic falls, any of her victims who cross into the town remember the ordeal, putting her identity as a vampire at risk when one of her victims, sarah, comes to town. an unknown nurse (who was assumed to have been a vampire) had fed her vampire blood while she was held in the tb ward. caroline and elena go to a party invited by jesse and both not being invited to enter the house were roaming outside the house when elena gets a call from megan who is screaming for help and suddenly they find megan thrown from second floor and upon inspection both find out that there is a bite mark on her neck and realize there is another vampire in whitmore college. after his mother learns that caroline is a vampire and kidnaps her as she is trying to sneak out, tyler reveals that he is a werewolf by transforming in front of her. valerie later helps alaric find where his unborn twin daughters are and it turns out that jo's gemini coven spelled the twins out of jo's dying womb and into caroline's vampire womb, shocking alaric and caroline. in june 2012 she joined the youtube series dating rules from my future self as chloe cunningham a 26-year-old girl who believes love does not exist. march 22, the casts and producers of the cw drama “the vampire diaries” and its spinoff “the originals” hosted back-to-back paleyfest panels at the dolby theatre in hollywood to talk about their craft for killing, kiss scenes and conniving plans — the second of which being by far the most interesting to fans, who treated the event like a modern-day beatles concert. meanwhile, it seems a new vampire hunter is in town. he comes to mystic falls to kill all the vampires there, but is later killed by elena. after penny's death, matt is set on getting revenge on the vampire who made matt impulsively but accidentally killed penny. founder's day, anna goes to jeremy with a vial of her blood, telling him that if he drinks it he dies and he will become a vampire. entertainment — the minds behind teen series gossip girl, pretty little liars, the secret circle, and many more — is currently producing a new web series, dating rules from my future self, which is adding several new cast members.

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Are cast members of vampire diaries dating

as a vampire she was not able to control her lust for blood and when she starts attacking jeremy, stefan salvatore kills her with a stake through her heart. at the end of season one, elena meets her birth mother, isobel, who is now a vampire, and she discovers that her uncle john, who she grew up hating, is her natural father. liz is later informed by mason lockwood that damon and stefan salvatore are vampires. during her stay in mystic falls she had given damon and stefan her blood which turned them into vampires after they were shot. in the season one finale she is smacked across the head and locked up to a desk with her own handcuffs by john gilbert, because she doesn't agree with his plan to use the town as bait in order to capture the tomb vampires. fell gave elena vampire blood, meaning she died with vampire blood in her system. it was revealed that isobel, just like john, wants jonathan's gilberts device, because katherine, whom she seemingly befriended, wants all the tomb vampires death. "the vampire diaries's candice accola is 'so excited and grateful' to be engaged". when stefan finds out damon has feed elena his blood he's very angry and hits damon, who just got in a fight with the vampire hunter. in response to this, stefan later finds enzo, incapacitates him, and turns him over to tripp cooke, a vampire hunter with a familial link to mystic falls. she is very skeptical at first and refuses to believe that damon, who she considers a friend, is a vampire. is a regular in season six,[2] having trouble adjusting to life as a vampire. eventually, he finds a way to control his murderous urges, and was trained by damon to kill vampires. celebrity couples who met on the set of the vampire diaries. stefan then tells john that elena does not want him there (this was due to his attitude toward stefan and all vampires) and he threatens to turn him into a vampire if he does not leave. she died after overusing her magic to seal away the tomb vampires. when she fled to europe, she succumbed to her bloodlust and became a ripper vampire, a vampire that slaughters their victims for blood in the most gruesome ways. williams portrays connor jordan in season four, a vampire hunter and one of "the five", a group of supernatural vampire hunters. it would be really nice to see these two dating again in mystic falls. it is later revealed that enzo had made ivy drink his blood, and therefore she had not only died, but was a vampire now.

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Vampire diaries cast members dating

after a talk with klaus, it's revealed that caroline would never take the cure, preferring herself as a vampire. she used a vampire named trevor, who'd fallen in love with her, to escape and tricked another vampire rose into turning her, thereby making her useless to klaus to trigger his werewolf side. when john gilbert sees anna lying in the building with the other vampires, he stakes her, possibly out of mercy for her to receive a less painful death or out of anger that she was dating his nephew. it is later discovered that her real reason for returning is to offer klaus what he wants: the new doppelgänger, the moonstone, a vampire, witch, and werewolf; in order to be free from him. damon killed her to make the town council think that she was the vampire terrorizing mystic falls. season four, caroline, as well as the others, help elena with her vampire transition. has quotations related to: list of the vampire diaries characters. it was also revealed that katherine compelled stefan to drink her vampire blood against his will. he was in love with vicki donovan, who uses drugs as well, but she was dating tyler lockwood, which causes a rivalry between the two boys. during this time, matt kicks out all vampires from the newly-human populated mystic falls. john is a vampire formerly under the imprisonment of the augustine society. it was revealed that she had turned noah and ben mckittrick into vampires in order to make them help her save her mother. stefan reveals that it is the women who made him and damon feud 145 years ago, and the person who turned them into vampires. she was with jeremy when john gilbert sets off the device, as she went to warn and possibly defend him if any tomb vampires tried to attack him. when the vampires were rounded up by the founding families she and damon salvatore made a bargain. after asking stefan why he wants to cure elena, damon tells him that he loves elena as a vampire or human. when bonnie also discovers it was his blood that enabled caroline forbes to become a vampire, the two declare their hatred for him, leaving them angrier than ever. lily did end up dying of consumption, triggering her transformation into a vampire. later on, jeremy goes searching for anna, and anna finds frederick, a very angry tomb vampire.: the vampire diaries charactersfictional vampireslists of science fiction television characterslists of drama television characterslists of fantasy television characterslists of american television series charactershidden categories: all articles with dead external linksarticles with dead external links from june 2014wikipedia articles needing copy edit from march 2017all articles needing copy editarticles needing additional references from march 2017all articles needing additional referencesarticles to be expanded from january 2015official website not in wikidata.

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while nearly all of his friends and family are under the impression that jeremy is going to art school there, in reality, jeremy has moved there to hunt vampires, with only alaric, who planned to feed him leads, knowing jeremy's true plans. however, after a series of events that forces matt to try and save bonnie from being a bloodthirsty supernatural huntress, matt is done fighting the war between humans and vampires. she wants to open the tomb where the 26 vampires, including her mother, are trapped. when all the vampires in mystic falls are discovered and brought together to be burned to death, she escapes. caroline is turned into a vampire in season two, she tricks matt into breaking up with her, for she can't control her lust for blood around him. was later found out that he was unknowingly killing people, because of the gilbert ring he was wearing which gives him a dark vampire-hating alter ego that was referred to as "the darkness" or "evil-aric" in the show. many of the characters on the originals originated on the vampire diaries. along with alaric saltzman, damon discovered john was keeping an eye on the vampires who had been in the tomb.: instagram (@michael_trevino)nina dobrev & chris woodanother tvd hunk, another dating rumor. when the doorway to "the other side" was opened, the ghosts of the tomb vampires decide to revenge on the founding families and attack carol. plec, who exec produces both shows, said the original “originals” plan was to go back to chicago, where there had already been some story with claire holt’s original vampire sister rebekah from her time on “vampire diaries,” but that idea was scrapped when they realized they wanted to film in atlanta and the two cities don’t look alike. nadia had herself turned into a vampire and was in mystic falls with her. a newborn vampire with uncontrollable bloodlust, stefan was unable to resist the temptations of human blood and became severely out of control and addicted (later on known as the ripper) to the blood, killing many people because of his lack of control and extreme bloodlust. bewley portrays galen vaughn in season four, another vampire hunter and one of "the five". because of his addiction to human blood, stefan only drank animal blood in the beginning of the series, which made him weaker than other vampires. after seeing anna's vampire veins appear, jeremy begins to suspect that she was not human and later tests his theory by "accidentally" cutting his hand and forcing her to drink his blood. john had a crush on isobel flemming-saltzman and he was the one who sent her to damon salvatore when she wanted to become a vampire. she is later saved by carol lockwood, but they are unable to save mayor lockwood, who is burned with the vampires. he later starts dating meredith fell, a local doctor and member of the founder's council. he remembers this as he fights alaric and seems accepting of his death when alaric, whose life line is tied to elena's, suddenly collapses in his arms.

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after the couple got divorced, the 33-year-old star started dating phoebe (who played hayley on the show), who he met when she was on the series (she is now on the originals as a main cast member). anna later turns out to be a vampire who was in mystic falls in 1864 with her mother pearl., a fan asked if her “vacation” would mean a return to “vampire diaries'” mystic falls. damon apologizes for turning vicki donovan into a vampire and admits it was wrong. in a phone call with john it was revealed that she does care about elena and they plot to kill all the tomb vampires and the salvatore brothers with the device in order to protect her. she has also turned logan fell in order to get his ancestor honoria fell's diaries. after elena is unable to recover from damon's death, she begs alaric to compel her to forget that she ever loved damon, which alaric is able to do, due to him being an enhanced original, with the ability to compel other vampires. however, this all seemed to change when he and damon fell in love with the same girl, katherine pierce, who turned out to be a vampire. damon tells her about the device, but also says that it has been despelled so she is not in danger, in which she replies a lot of people are going to die because the tomb vampires. in february 2011, king performed a cover of "eternal flame" by the bangles on the vampire diaries. and damon later kidnap jeremy in order to make anna tell him the location of the vampire hunter mikael." a heartbroken damon then goes to the hospital demanding to see elena when the doctor, meredith fell, tells him that she gave elena vampire blood. “vampire diaries” somerhalder, who played a character on “lost” that suffered this fate, commiserated with these actors. caroline has a heart to heart with her mom, who eventually accepts caroline being a vampire, but caroline still decides to compel her and liz loses her memory of the whole ordeal. he is dating vicki donovan, but she later breaks up with him due to her feelings for jeremy gilbert, which causes a rivalry between the two boys. in the beginning of the series she was dating tyler lockwood. he leaves elena his ring and a letter saying he would've loved her human or even what he hated most, a vampire. she eventually chooses stefan in the season finale but before she can tell him, elena drowns while having vampire blood in her system. slowly, damon begins to be kinder to the other characters showing brief moments of compassion such as erasing jeremy's memory of vampires and removing his "suffering" so jeremy gets his life back on track. she did this to turn elena into a vampire who feeds from other vampires, with the added bonus of werewolf venom within the serum.

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indeed, a renewed conflict over ideology and what sort of vampire elena will become drives damon and stefan apart. he gets turned into a vampire who feeds on other vampires by professor maxfield, but is killed by elena when he attacks damon. both the girls meet their new roommate megan, caroline starts to panic thinking that megan knows that they are vampire. when she finds out that a vampire hunter named mikael is the key to killing klaus, she finds him and awakens him, but when mikael's plan to kill klaus fails, she goes back into hiding. later on, bonnie reconnects with her mother, abby, who had abandoned her as a child, who helps her to kill the original vampires., “vampire diaries” fans, despite online campaigns, it doesn’t look like ian somerhalder’s damon and nina dobrev’s elena will be kissing in the rain anytime soon. after matt donovan has discovered the truth about vampires from caroline, he tells liz, who comes up with a plan to make matt pretend to be compelled to forget, while he actually has vervain in his system. eventually klaus releases alaric and he gets back together with jenna, but soon afterwards klaus had her turned into a vampire and killed for his sacrifice ritual, leaving him heartbroken. however, it was later revealed that his wife, isobel flemming, isn't dead, but that on her own request she was turned into a vampire by damon. he was in addition responsible for staking his nephew jeremy's girlfriend anna's mother pearl, who was a vampire. starts season four at elena's bedside after finding out about her dying with vampire blood in her system, causing her to start the transition to vampire. jeremy questions whether it would be better to be a vampire and damon admits to him it would be easier to turn the emotions off. he is a vampire, turned by katherine pierce, one hundred and forty-five years prior to the series' debut. in season one alaric comes to mystic falls to seek revenge on damon, who admits that he killed her, but also turned her into a vampire on her own request. however, matt still breaks up with her, due to his aversion of the supernatural since the vampire death of his sister, vicki. tyler eventually falls in love with caroline, but when jules, another werewolf, comes to town and tells tyler that caroline and two other vampires, stefan and damon salvatore, are responsible for his uncle's death, tyler feels betrayed. "candice accola of 'vampire diaries' is expecting first child with the fray's joe king". jeremy made his exit as main character on the vampire diaries in the episode stay. season four, elena is faced with the tough decision of whether to die or to feed on human blood so she can fully transition into a vampire.: how they met, paul wesley, phoebe tonkin, the cw, the vampire diaries.

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the two were an item for a brief moment after that make out sesh, but steven eventually moved on to a production assistant on the show and candice started dating zach. he then breaks up with her due to the fact that he has too much to handle with work and school and doesn't want to deal with the fact that caroline is a vampire. when isobel returns to town, john finally gets the invention at which time it was revealed isobel and john were working for katherine and they were planning to kill the tomb's vampires. upon learning of her plan, she is locked in the tomb by stefan and damon, which has a spell that keeps all vampires locked in it. she uses vampire blood to cure people and starts dating alaric. after dispatching the deputies, damon decides to take out some aggression on matt and is about to snap his neck when stopped by the new vampire elena. in 2009 she was cast in the cw television series the vampire diaries as caroline forbes, a teenage vampire. a policeman finds her with jeremy and she was injected with vervain and dragged out of jeremy's arms and to the gilbert building to be burned alive, a replica of the original plan to eradicate the vampires in 1864. she begins dating news reporter logan fell, who had cheated on her in the past. however, logan was turned into a vampire by anna and then killed by history teacher alaric saltzman and jenna was told that he had left town, which hurts but doesn't surprise her. the five, shows damon tasking stefan with learning more about the vampire hunter, connor, while damon decides to accompany both bonnie and elena to college. however, her aunt jenna is turned into a vampire and, as part of the sacrifice, is killed by klaus, leaving elena without a guardian. March 22, the casts and producers of the CW drama "The Vampire Diaries" and its spinoff "The Originals" hosted back-to-back PaleyFest panels at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood to talk about their craft for killing, kiss scenes and conniving plans -- the second of which being by far the most intere. season four, matt is upset and blames himself about elena's transformation into a vampire. sulieman portrays harper in season one, a kindhearted vampire that escapes from the tomb when it gets opened, but he is killed by john gilbert. nine-episode series — which will premiere in january — is being directed by elizabeth allen (90210, the vampire diaries, gossip girl) and is an original concept from alloy that follows a 29-year-old woman (appleby) who gets text messages from herself 10 years in the future that serve as warnings that she has to change her dating tactics or she’ll end up alone and unhappy. after turning into a vampire, caroline becomes closer to elena. she eventually decides to have him undo it, but alaric goes back to being human again after crossing into mystic falls, causing him to lose his vampire status (he only stayed alive because his once fatal human injuries were healed), meaning he will not be able to do so. vampire diaries is full of hot actors and actresses so it’s not that surprising to find out how many of the stars have actually dated one another. the rain scene, “vampire diaries” fans are often split as to whether elena will end up with smoldering damon or with his stoic brother stefan (paul wesley).

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in the season one finale, during founders day, he helps john gilbert execute his plan to kill the tomb vampires. stefan starts to build a friendship with caroline forbes after she is turned into a vampire. later, jeremy drinks anna's blood and takes all of elena's sleeping pills, in order to become a vampire and be able to forget all about the misery in his life. jenna was later turned into a vampire by klaus to be used in the sacrifice that will release his werewolf side. damon would protect emily's descendants and emily would use her grimoire to protect katherine by entombing her with 26 other vampires under the old fell's church. before leaving town, isobel compels alaric to get over her and tells him that she realizes it was a mistake to become a vampire. however, he knew damon was a vampire, there had been a tomb under the fell's church and he knew about katherine.[5] both her parents are active members of the local republican political party. unofficially, their goal was to kill the salvatore brothers and save elena from suffering in a life filled with vampires. meredith fell seems to be one who convinces him, in 'the rager', to stay to help elena with her transition to vampire. ferguson portrays tripp cooke in season six, a vampire hunter and descendent of the fell family. she then decides to channel enough magic to attract the babies so they could be born after refusing to because of caroline's vampire magic. ew has exclusively learned that taylor kinney (the vampire diaries), alison becker (parks and recreation), mircea monroe (episodes), and bryce johnson (pretty little liars) have joined the cast alongside the sole star so far, life unexpected‘s shiri appleby (pictured here), who is also producing with alloy’s josh bank, bob levy, and tripp reed. elena begs alaric to compel her to forget that she ever loved damon, which alaric is able to do, due to him being an enhanced original, with the ability to compel other vampires. vampire diaries is an american fantasy-drama television series picked up by the cw for their fall 2009 schedule. stefan had strong feelings for katherine before finding out that she was a vampire. chang portrays ivy in season six, she is first introduced as stefan's human girlfriend who is later turned into a vampire after a visit from enzo and caroline. she was unaware of the existence of supernatural creatures in mystic falls and visibly frightened by connor jordan, who attacked her twice during his vampire hunts. he was later turned into an original vampire by esther in order to kill klaus with an indestructible white oak stake. stefan and damon argue over who should do it, as stefan wants to find redemption for killing enzo and multiple others, and for give damon a chance at happiness with elena after taking his away by turning him into a vampire in 1864.

it was revealed that in order for his 'mark' to grow, he must kill vampires. now knowing that her daughter is a vampire, she asks damon to keep caroline away from her and says that her daughter is gone. however, carol lockwood finds out caroline is a vampire and contacts her father, bill forbes. in home, luke's neck was snapped by caroline forbes in order to motivate liv to cast a spell to resurrect him, stefan salvatore and the rest of their deceased friends on the rapidly disintegrating other side. said, plec said on the “vampire diaries” panel that new characters on that show don’t have much of a shelf life. eventually, stefan and elena break up as a result of her feelings for damon, which were amplified after being turned into a vampire. it is later revealed that he is a 162-year-old vampire. season two, caroline was injured and was fed damon's blood so that she can heal; however, after katherine pierce kills her and later feeding on human blood from a blood bag at the hospital, she turns into a vampire. he steals klaus's family as retaliation, and uses them as blackmail, when that fails (the witches give klaus the coffins when he threatens to end the bennett line), stefan threatens to drive elena off wickery bridge with vampire blood in her system if klaus does not get his hybrids out of town, klaus agrees at the last minute. she is later killed by tripp cooke who drove her and other vampire's across the mystic falls border via the traveler's spell. matt later finds out that caroline is a vampire; feeling alienated and betrayed, he tells her mother. damon, who turned into a vampire as well, promised stefan an eternity of misery as he was angry that stefan had forced him to turn and jealous that katherine had also turned stefan. in the next episode, she begins to believe that stefan is lying to her and takes things into her own hands to kill the vampire hunter who is holding her brother, matt, and april captive. jeremy, not wanting to deal with this pain, tries to become a vampire by overdosing while having anna's blood in his system, but he fails. later, he goes through with a spell to save elena from turning into a vampire, in return dying himself. "anna" was a vampire who comes to mystic falls in order to free her mother from the tomb. in season four, a vampire hunter by the name of connor arrives in town, and only jeremy can see his mysterious tattoos, later revealed to be a map to the cure for vampirism. began dating musician joe king of the fray after they met at a super bowl event in february 2012. she goes to the remaining tomb vampires, pretending to join them in attacking the founders later that night, and then goes to warn damon about them, possibly to protect jeremy as he's a gilbert and the gilbert's are founders. in their youth, his elder brother grayson taught him about the vampires through the journals of their ancestor, johnathan gilbert.

in 1864, stefan was turned into a vampire after being shot by his father, giuseppe, along with his brother, damon with katherine's blood in his system, before accidentally killing his father during a visit to tell him that he was going to let himself die. to find out who exactly dated who and which vampire couples, um we mean real-life couples, are still going strong look through our gallery now. she later discovers, from warlock luca martin, that the only way to kill klaus, the original vampire who wants to kill elena, is for her to get the power of one-hundred dead witches, which she later gets. anna's body was burned in the fire with the other vampires who were caught. however, when rose attains a lethal werewolf bite which leaves her ill and delirious, damon gives her the memory of her life prior to becoming a vampire, and helps her to remember her most loved and cherished moments. after damon salvatore saves her from vampire lexi branson, liz becomes friends with damon and is seen letting him know about the council's plans. matt decides to leave mystic falls and start a normal life outside the world of vampires. however, abby is turned into a vampire by damon and abandons bonnie again. he returns as a vampire, having been fed blood by anna, but is eventually killed again by alaric. she learns about the existence of vampires in mystic falls from rebekah and helps her gain information from elena, stefan and caroline about the cure for vampirism. angry, anna agrees to change jeremy, only to discover that his motive for wanting it was to get over his first love, vicki donovan, who he suspects might have been a vampire and was now revealed to be long dead. caroline forbes, a young vampire who wasn't his friend, offers her support to him, helping him through his first transformation and preparation for his new life. season three, carol finds out that caroline forbes is a vampire and when caroline tries to leave the lockwood mansion after she slept with tyler, carol shoots her in the back with vervain darts. upon meeting klaus and elijah, two of the original vampires, she finds out that she is a petrova doppelgänger, which means that she can be sacrificed to release klaus' werewolf side. although she helped these vampires, she also secretly fought against them, for she spelled jonathan gilbert's inventions, including the device, which could hurt vampires. when matt later finds out that caroline is a vampire, he gets upset for he thinks she had something to do with vicki's death. sure, there are the obvious pairs like nina dobrev and ian somerhalder, who were so cute together, but there are a way more tvd pairs that met on set before dating. later, julian was captured by the travelers and they brought julian to mystic falls, where they had cast a spell that can undo any magic, including vampirism. "exclusive: matt davis returning to the vampire diaries as series regular for season 6". the couple started dating in 2011 and dated throughout that year according to reports.