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addition to the cities suggested above, evidence also exists to support new routes to:Other major reasons to serve this airport. allgäu airport – completely financed and supported by 73 regional and private stakeholders, is the best alternative in southern germany, just 60 min driving time to germany’s third largest city munich and 80 min by car to the automotive capital stuttgart. magazine of the airport – airreport, published twice a year, is about exciting destination reports, airline portraits, travel tips and behind the scene stories.

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, which began serving allgäu airport in 2009, now operates 14 routes to the airport and wizz air offers flights to eleven destinations..The airport’s expanding destination network attracts more and more passengers that make use of a wide range of parking facilities. flying into the memmingen allgu airport (fmm) can be a low cost alternative to flying into other airports in the area.

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airport offers a low cost structure for their clients but nevertheless excellent ground handling, security and customer service and further extremely competitive turnaround with 25 minutes on average. 5 of 10 main bavarian tourist attractions are situated within 60 minutes of the airport. memmingen and its catchment area is with its gdp 90 % above european and about 30 % above german average.

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äu airport memmingen - a simple flight to the alps.äu airport serves one of europe’s most heavily populated, affluent and actively industrial regions. the allgäu airport express bus offers direct connection to the central railway station in munich, kleinwalsertal, st.

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million inhabitants within direct reach of the airport and approx. the former military buildings of allgäu airport are ideally suitable for a prestigious office or a large storage area with unique flair. group of regionally active private sector stakeholders brought vision and financial resource to the allgäu airport development.