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5 things you need to know before dating a journalist

remaining 54 bands will be announced as they get confirmed this winter and spring.  also includes competition to win one of 3 pairs of tickets to the fantastic vasby festival where you can check out bands like wasp, danger danger, magnum, x-rated, msg, heaven & earth, work of art, h. it shows as well as a force for good, twitter can be exploited by lazy journalists, producing lazy journalism.  in september 2015, scorpions released their 19th studio album, return to forever, and embarked on the first leg of their north american tour featuring special guests queensryche. - return to forever - the 50th anniversary world tour  2015/2016. it is what we all look for in life, that chance to know and love and succeed at a profession that you actually look forward to doing long past a retirement age. the internet is never all that it seems and while lifting that tweet seems like a great way to get an easy quote, is it really the best idea, and is that the sort of journalist you want to be? my latest column for wyndham worldwide's women on their way jane air crew here and find out how you can give back when you're on the go.@butterflylady_ why exactly would i want to "volunteer" my writing to your site when i've been paid for my writing for 13+ years? most people are just kind of coasting along , but maybe they don't even really notice, but when you really analyze what's going on, i don't really know anybody who's really on top of it now, even if they appear to be on top of it.. don`t wait too long - unreleased demo song (bonus track) 04:15.’s the citizen journalists, whom the bosses see as the future (mainly cos they’re free), but we see as annoying amateurs twitching their curtains a bit too much and suddenly demanding to be treated as equals.’ve been meaning to blog about that dreaded 21st century journo tool, social networking, but have been pulling double shifts and other such fun so you may need to wait a little while. and subscribe to the one on one with mitch lafon podcast on:Categories: podcasts & radiotags: scorpionsqueensrycherelease year: 2015 share & add comment. return to forever 50th anniversary tour, featuring longtime members klaus meine, rudolf schenker and matthias jabs, alongside james kottak (drums) and paweł mąciwoda (bass), kicked off in may 2015 with dates on four continents. if you attach yourself to where your stuff is going, that’s the greatest downfall you can possibly incur, cause you get locked into other people’s approval and you worry about, “oh, did i really do a good job?, you may ask, does that have to do with newspaper websites? “they’re no hotter than polyester pants,” claims agi, “and if you wear them with tights, they won’t stick to your legs. i was like, “i don’t know, man, i just graduated a few months ago”. a smaller scale, seek to give gratitude and appreciation to people in your life who have done good deeds.  you can also pick up hard copies directly from the fireworks mini-shop at www. i know that i had a signed kiss poster and it disappeared years ago. [the scorpions] are love, peace & rock n' roll - love stands for still lovin' you, peace for winds of change, and rock n' roll for rock you like a hurricane. to go back to your first question, i started writing when i was twelve years old and that was that. and i saw almost every show and by the last night i’m standing out in front just kind of glowing from the whole thing and this guy comes up to me and he goes, “hey man, i’ve seen you here every night. he asked me one day, “you should come see my band play at the gymnasium. do you find your moments of zen in the world?

Things you should know before dating a journalist

i literally don’t know what happened to several boxes of stuff. that’s really why you create is to make somebody else feel like they’re not alone. not only does volunteering feel good, my experience with the do good bus was a reminder that it doesn't take much to make a difference in your local community. it is a question we should flip on its head, do we actually like our readers. you know the history of metal guitar, you don't have to be told who uli jon roth is. the next generation will adapt to that kind of speed, but i know very few people who have so far. feel that the young generation, because everything is downloaded in seconds, there is no more physical aspect to it, and they don't seem to bond with the artists. actress and mom of 5-month-old silas with husband justin timberlake, says she initially signed on to be part of the bakery element of the venture. you know, the itunes thing means that it's just like mcdonald's. i was a publisher’s assistant, and i talk about that in sweet demotion, and my editor knows one of the editors at flynt and there is a position open at flynt, and this is after about a year and a half at gambling times. when the rock band from hannover presented their 18th studio album “return to forever” for their 50th band anniversary one year ago, klaus meine, rudolf schenker and matthias jabs displayed that they are unabatedly in formidable shape.  in the 80s, scorpions amassed a string of billboard chart toppers from love at fiirst sting and blackout, including multiple top 10 singles "rock you like a hurricane" and "no one like you," as well a string of successful singles such as "send me an angel," "still loving you" and "wind of change. he was a year younger than me but we had the same geometry class. why don’t you come up and see the show up there and hang out at the merchandise booth with me”. pay special attention to someone you may know on photo no. this dedicated day of thanks, what are you grateful for? part 2, former scorpions drummer herman rarebell talks about his new album of re-recorded scorpions classics, 'herman's scorpions songs' (featuring bobby kimball, doogie white, don dokken, tony martin, and many more), his current role as drummer in michael schenker's temple of rock, playing on pete way's solo album, and the population explosion in france which was partly fuelled by the scorpions' 'still loving you'. produced by mikael nord andersson and martin hansen and filled with the best anthemic songs the scorps have always been known for. return to forever 50th anniversary tour, featuring longtime members klaus meine, rudolf schenker and matthias jabs, alongside james kottak (drums) and paweł mąciwoda (bass), kicked off in may 2015 with dates on four continents.. i apologized , thank you as well for your time, take care. blunt in his blog playing the game believes we should not treat readers in this way:He says: “the trust of your readers is a hard-won thing and all too easy to lose”. a clear day, you can see forever—or at least that’s the wicked thought behind l., they can be dumb, annoying and a pain but they are also the ones who ultimately keep us in a job, so while we may whine and moan a bit when under the cosh, we need to ensure we see readers as lords, manna from heaven that we should worship and adore. it’s an impossible situation to urge someone to see things the way you see them. i lost volumes of stuff from my childhood, a lot of writings, yearbooks, things like that. on this lovely afternoon, lonn friend enlightened this journalist to the boy he was, the youthful colt kicking his back legs to the sun, and finally to the gentleman who, although not 100% at peace with himself or the world surrounding him, has found his comfortable niche cross-legged on a floating pillow of past-present-&-future. a serious note, this is a fun album as long as you check your brain in when you hit play.

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5 things you should know before dating a lawyer

but that was like a foreshadowing for the kind of writing i would do for the next several years of my life, cause you can’t really encapsulate rip into a couple of sentences. the most important thing is if you’re given access to these freaky, special, gifted people, tell the story and make sure that the audience is feeling, seeing, smelling, tasting what you are experiencing. therefore, these things are precious and letting go of them, it’s important to me that it goes to real fans, that they inspire people. in all honesty, i wanted to read your new book because i thought there would be some more real good rock & roll stories in it, like with planet rock, but got something else instead. are two complete concerts from last year: the open air gig at the french hellfest festival, where they headlined in june, and their show at the barclays center in brooklyn, new york featuring an impressive guest performance on “no one like you” by twelve-year-old guitarist brandon niederauer.@butterflylady_ do you get paid to recruit writers or do you "volunteer" too? farmers' market,National geographic traveler,‎"the most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. a clear day, you can see forever—or at least that’s the wicked thought behind l. not only is there the word of mouth if someone is shirty to a reader, there is also the premise that if you are writing to the reader, if they are your focus and your driving force, then holding them in poor regard is not likely to make your product any better. i’m at like the third show and he goes, “hey kid, you were here last night and the night before”.’s the politicians we think are morons, the pr people who sold their souls to the devil, the eco warriors who smell and think you should too (i honestly met one who said dentistry was a capitalist conspiracy and was going it alone – her breath stank). you just seemed to pick up and go one day. first is an old blog resurfaced praising (though maybe it should be warning) about the consequences of dating a journalist. you’ve touched on the real reason why i wrote that book. scorpions' rudolph schenker and queensrÿche's todd la torre guest on episode 154 of one on one with mitch lafon. brand-new scorpions studio album “return to forever” is out february 23, 2015 and will be released on cd, deluxe cd, vinyl, limited collector’s box, and several more digital and physical formats. out of all those things that you have done in your life, what was the hardest one? 15 acts have been confirmed for this summer's sweden rock festival: scorpions, kansas, warlock, wintersun, wishbone ash, the dead daisies, grave digger, primal fear, lucifer's friend, myrkur, picture, artch, art nation, lost society and bob wayne & the outlaw carnies. jack also reveals that night ranger may begin working on a new album after their summer tour of the us ends later in 2015, gives an update on revolution saints, and chooses 2 night ranger tracks. and if you respect your freelancers and your staff, they’re going to do good work.  shame on me for letting down my guard so easily; as a savvy traveler i should've known better. we want to create stuff that your family wants to eat together. if you think he is the notorious partying accessory of such rock nobility as lars ulrich and jon bon jovi, then you have only read his first book, life on planet rock. discusses assembling the band's latest effort return to forever (my pick for best album of 2015), their 50th anniversary deluxe reissues of taken by force (1977), tokyo tapes (1978), lovedrive (1979), animal magnetism (1980), blackout (1982) love at first sting (1984), world wide live (1985), and savage amusement (1988), work on a new album with his brother michael, and much more.  and it served as a reminder that you can take 100+ flights a year, stay in dozens of hotels annually, and think you have all the common sense in the world, yet still slip up. even then the praise was more `you’re better than that other lot i suppose’. you honestly say you’ve never felt one of those against a reader?

5 things you should know before dating a journalist

unless you are happy to pay through the roof for unlimited downloads, you normally have to settle for a cap. in hannover, west germany in 1965, scorpions were part of the first wave of metal in the 1970’s with their debut album, lonesome crow, released in 1972.” and slash says, “i don’t know, man, i’m the guitar player” (laughs). these things were given to me because it was the natural course of my career. discusses the band's latest album return to forever, their 50th anniversary tour, the scorpions rockumentary forever and a day, uli jon roth, the tokyo tapes and taken by force albums, his brother michael, thoughts of leaving the band in the last 50 years, drummer james kottak, and much more." the band was also ranked #46 on vh1's greatest artists of hard rock and their hit "rock you like a hurricane" also landed as #18 on vh1's list of the 100 greatest hard rock songs. from talking to the elephant rocks out in desert and singing “country comfort” at the top of my lungs to nobody to being in that dressing room with one of my greatest heroes who is so humanized in that moment because i’m bringing up, yeah, i was there across campus at the other pavilion when you did “november rain” with guns n’ roses at the mtv awards. to australia for the first time in the 50-year history of the band, scorpions will play their debut australian show at melbourne’s palais theatre on tuesday october 18. sweet brown boxer mix, gus, lost his all-too-brief battle with transitional cell carcinoma of the prostate on march 25.. i made a question to you after seeing in your description that you do volunteer too . counter:84,034,167unique visitor:1,520,009published nodes:3,775since:13 oct 2014visitors:today:7,092this week:181,121this month:721,484this year:7,926,958. information for the scorpions deluxe 50th anniversary reissues:All eight releases detailed. most of these people, or at least the vocal ones, are the ones you see at the meetings anyway and would know about the issue beforehand. when you’ve moved as much as i have, since my divorce, things just disappeared. dates of the first leg of their north american tour:Date                           city                                         venueseptember 18          toronto, on canada           molson canadian amphitheatreseptember 19          montreal, qc canada          bell centreseptember 22          columbus, oh                    lc pavilionseptember 23          cleveland, oh                    jacobs pavilion at nauticaseptember 25          windsor, on canada          caesar's windsor tbaseptember 26          chicago, il                        allstate arenaseptember 29          denver, co                       fiddler's green amphitheatreoctober 1                san jose, ca                     sap centeroctober 3                los angeles, ca                 the forumoctober 6                santa barbara, ca              santa barbara bowloctober 7                las vegas, nv                    hard rock hoteloctober 9                seattle, wa                       showare center. “come back tomorrow night and i’ll take you inside again”. i touched upon some personal things, it’s not as intimate. so i didn’t think this book would have a wide audience but it’s the people that make that statement in messages to me that you just made that i feel like i got rich in a different way, which was important. and i had it on my wall in my office at flynt and for the life of me i don’t know what happened to it., though not rocket science, but the deveny case is worrying as it shows activities away from the newsroom can affect you in the newsroom. heavy rock icons, scorpions, will be bringing their 50th anniversary tour to melbourne for their first-ever australian show. vocalist udo dirkschneider (ex accept), journalist martin popoff, stand up comedian/actor bethany black, and independent music marketing expert john oszajca, and is now available for streaming at this link:In the first hour, udo dirkschneider discusses the writing and recording of u. friendfebruary 27, 2012 by leslie michele derroughin my rootscomments off on lonn friendshare“carefully choose your work. and he goes, “well, here is my number, give it some thought, and if you want, we’re in san francisco coming up in a few days. i got this great cookbook that taught you how to put shredded zucchini in a cake and make a red velvet cake with beets as coloring. you must like your vocation if you expect to succeed”. 80s hard rock of going out with a bang sums things up fairly well; and we built this house is a great melodic rocker with a big chorus.

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    meine is a singer who knows how to wring the last ounce of impact from each song. your love (unreleased demo version of heroes don`t cry - bonus track). are the full track details for the scorpions 50th anniversary deluxe editions of four classic albums, due november 6. drummer james kottak's rehab: "we told him "at this point, it's good if you take a break, not so much for us but for yourself. david higgerson shows you can really make some progress if you put in the hours and i know many twitter converts who think it is the bees knees in terms of community journalism and the like. 50 years of rocking like a hurricane with a new album,North american tour, and theatrical release..Don`t make no promises (your body can`t keep). “your options are not just mac and cheese and chicken fingers. that's just the time we live in, and it takes some period of transformation inside of us to come to grips with this kind of speed, you know? in 36 pages of the best melodic and hard rock reviews, and you have another issue packed to over-flowing. however, “things will start to move in the right direction and that’s why in every medium you have to be expressing yourself at a higher vibration, at a higher level. when i finished the manuscript, it was close to 500 pages and i couldn’t really run out and start looking for agents so i decided i would self-publish it. well, if you were born listening to music, your father is a piano player and you kind of heard it in the womb, and when your first album is possibly the most important pop record in the history of music because it was the introduction of the band that changed everything, there will never be another like them, then you can see why i’ve had the kind of journey that i’ve had.  in the eighties of the past century, they wrapped it up in the slogan “don‘t stop at the top” (allegorical: never rest on your laurels). in the 80s, scorpions amassed a string of billboard chart toppers from love at first sting and blackout, including multiple top 10 singles "rock you like a hurricane" and "no one like you," as well a string of successful singles such as "send me an angel," "still loving you" and "winds of change. and not so much about being the drummer of the scorpions but for yourself being a family man. and it’s through conversation or a book coming into someone’s life or something you read or hear. you should go into a rehab, clean out yourself and come back the same james we know for so many years, not only our drummer but also a friend, and a great guy". if you have not yet found something that satisfies you, continue to search for it. i kind of just faked it, cause i didn’t know shit about editing. follow their restaurant on instagram and it the exact opposite of sugary and processed foods so i don’t even think you have the right restaurant in mind.“we wanted to create a place where you bring your kids or your girlfriends,” biel told people at amazon video’s tumble leaf family fun day on sunday. i immediately was doing adult reportage when i was 25, 26, years old when i started there, when i started my career. when did you start writing and what did you write about in those childhood days? always wrote very sort of in the flow, spontaneous, didn’t over think things, and in those days i had a staff with a research department, fact-checkers. blackout & love at first sting - 50th anniversary deluxe editions. biel on her new restaurant: ‘it’s a place you can take your kids or your girlfriends’.

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    reviewsconcert reviewstelevision & filmdvd reviewsother reviewsfilm & tvfilm reviewstv reviewstrailerscommentary tracksmediavideoaudiophotoscolumnsmy rootsb-sideshot spotvinyl livessuds & soundstake 5one track mindvintage stashhidden trackgiveawaysaboutstaffprivacy policyadvertise with uscontact us. never went out and got things because i wanted them because i was a collector. and you would hope readers who were concerned about the issue would also be appreciative. instead, he built thrones on which musicians could pontificate sordid tales of debauchery that young fans could drool over in starry-eyed envy, causing many to pick up guitars, grow goatees and buy garden of eden tickets to gaze upon idols they so hornily worshiped." this group also suggests that you find something to be grateful for and remember the feeling.  thank you, tim and kristin for being such pros and for giving me this opportunity to talk travel writing with your readers. avoid the above misdemeanours, the guidance offered to us went along the lines of don’t bitch about anybody online (unless you can make sure you’re anonymous), don’t defame anyone, and realise even if you hadn’t realised, being a journo gives you a public profile, and if you don’t like it then get lost. by: mikael nord andersson & martin hansenrelease date: 2015released: worldwidemusical style: melodic hard rock. time passed quickly, and when it was time to pack up our equipment to go make terrariums with the young ones of the group, we had managed to plant 164 new plants. it could be something as simple as a "thank you. of cards is a solid new winds of change style ballad; rock n roll band has a fast beat and decent riff; catch your play is a nice pompous aor track; the scratch has quite a groove; and gypsy life is a sentimental anthem before a whole range of bonus tracks (depending on format) kick in. post: give, take and get to know a destination with voluntourism. me know what you think of twitter using the poll. to touch your feelings (unreleased demo version - bonus track)."no, journalists are different beings (which is why you’re attracted to them in the first place), and you should realize — before jumping in — that this isn’t going to be a run-of-the-mill, boring, lame relationship you’re used to. by kangarookicker under journalism | tags: dating, jobs, journalism, media, new media, news, newspaper society, newspaper week, newspapers, pr, press, sly bailey |.  this decision disturbs me for so many reasons - mainly because fast food industry wallets seem mightier than the interests of those who should care about the health of americans. “they’re no hotter than polyester pants,” claims agi, “and if you wear them with tights, they won’t stick to your legs. 50 years after a very young rudolf schenker founded the band in the profoundly provincial, post-war hannover, the scorpions remain a band that is able to attract masses of new fans at any given time. the fact that this contribution is now being acknowledged, is not least proven by the bestowal of the lower saxon state award for the year 2014, which the band will receive on february 3, 2015. you speak a lot about your search for harmonic alignment and yoga and zen meditation. did you grow up and what kind of kid were you? he says, “how’d you like to come out on the road with me and sell t-shirts? can you tell me what per word rate you pay writers to contribute to women's essence? last post i looked at the reader’s relationship with their paper, and promised this time to blog on how we as journalists feel about our readers. fun and games but guaranteed to eat at your download limit quicker than readers flip to the beeb’s site. you can imagine the sub stressing at deadline to come up with a four deck head and just threw it in without really thinking first.
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      but the artist needs a bond with the audience, a deeper understanding, which goes both ways, you know? you think you know who lonn friend really is, you may need to readjust your whammy bar observations. if that leads you into a new more expansive discipline or interpretation into the way things are, then that’s meant to be and you can feel good about, “oh, i’m getting a message from the universe that i should maybe try this yoga or try this meditation”. scorpions have been going full throttle for more than fifty years now, with their best-selling albums dominating the charts for over 500 weeks in germany alone, and countless chart successes abroad, as well as thousands of unforgettable concerts in cities like rio de janeiro, tokyo, moscow, new york, los angeles, paris or berlin. in hannover, west germany in 1965, scorpions were part of the first wave of metal in the 1970's with their debut album, lonesome crow, released in 1972. rt @butterflylady_: @charynpfeuffer it is a volunteer opportunity but credits are given in the form of providing your name. on their gigantic 50th anniversary world tour that kicked off in 2015, the scorpions are heading to eastern europe in february before returning to the us with an impressive five night run at the joint inside hard rock hotel & casino in las vegas and playing even more shows in cities around the globe. i never had a goal to be this kind of a writer, to be a journalist.@charynpfeuffer it is a volunteer opportunity but credits are given in the form of providing your name. and then of course you can listen to them on their own, but i feel it's not quite the same. the video for “wind of change” has been viewed more than 108 million times on youtube to date. what makes him and his music so special to you?" the band was also ranked #46 on vh1's greatest artists of hard rock and their hit "rock you like a hurricane" also landed as #18 on vh1's list of the 100 greatest hard rock songs. united nations meditation group created world gratitude day to express appreciation for the great things that individuals and groups do. things are going to blow people’s minds, disasters, events, cultural events,” he foretells near the end of our conversation. you truly can tell them to go and fuck themselves. you can get any piece of music instantly, and they're disconnected. would you recommend yoga and meditation to people trying to find their own personal harmony?” well, if you take the high road in journalism and you’re trying to bring out the expression of the artist and you’re trying to bring the fan closer to the point of conception, closer to the creative process, get them in the room where they can’t go cause they just can’t get there, but get them behind the curtain or on the stage or on the bus, then you’ve done your job as a journalist, as a writer, as a reporter. but you have to do something for the kids so they can be happy and have fun so we can be happy and have fun. a quick minute to check out this interview on yours truly conducted by travel writing 2. in just six weeks, 25,000 pairs have already been sold in such major department store chains as macy’s, bonwit’s and saks. but if you go beyond that, if the speed is too high, it's like you could easily have the whole train derailed, you know?“virgin killer” should have made the band superstars, but since metal was still very much an underground movement, the scorpions would have to wait until the 1980's when the band cranked out their first hits. was 16, a senior or a junior in high school, and crosby, stills, nash & young were playing at the forum and i went with a girl named lisa burns and our parents dropped us off at the forum and we were sitting far away. i don’t know whether i brought love it to death home by alice cooper but somehow there’s a vague memory of maybe my brother got to alice cooper and roxy music before i did. it started out as rock a mile: adventures and observations of a music journalist and it evolved into a memoir, which isn’t a linear memoir, it’s sort of like a camel’s back.
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      , brandi-ann uyemura for including this quick interview with me on your blog, "creative non-fiction writer.’ve worked in a&r, you’ve worked in radio, you’ve worked for larry flynt, you’re a journalist, you’re a writer. there’s this revelation that, wait a second, i should use some of this material and craft my own first person view of this time with this extraordinary rock star named steven tyler. get back to your story of the spoon, do you still have that? scorpions dish-out fist-poundin' anthems like the top ten hit "no one like you" then turn around and offer the soul stirring ballad "when the smoke is going down". don’t know whether anybody cares, you really don’t. like i said in planet rock, my car couldn’t drive 55 if sammy hagar was behind the wheel (laughs). in the eighties of the past century, they wrapped it up in the slogan “don‘t stop at the top” (allegorical: never rest on your laurels). i’ll tell you something, and again you ask another good question, the most difficult thing for me has been the writing. one can’t imagine any will want to sign up given the free alternatives – if your download limit is going to be eaten, you don’t want to pay extra for it to happen. the scorpions manage to blend new songs like “going out with a bang”, “we built this house” and “rock’n’roll band” seamlessly with their fulminant repertoire of rock classics from “big city nights” and “blackout” to “still loving you” and “rock you like a hurricane”. i’m not waiting for my youtube moment to become viral. get to know this powerhouse drummer in next week’s edition of my roots. me and 1,000 of your neighbors for green seattle day to kick off the 2011-12 planting season. in just six weeks, 25,000 pairs have already been sold in such major department store chains as macy’s, bonwit’s and saks. for someone working multiple jobs, the words of the yogi yogananda can spill over your body like a warm elixir in the throes of a seductive epiphany. the chance of having up to 5 bonus tracks moves this album from consistent to too long and containing several fillers. “We wanted to create a place where you bring your kids or your girlfriends,” Biel told PEOPLE at Amazon Video's Tumble Leaf Family Fun Day on Su. this summer, the german hard rock legends are set to play their first show in sweden with gothenburg resident mikkey behind the drum kit, and they will be bringing a spectacular new production and, of course, an amazing catalogue of songs to build a setlist from, such as "rock you like a hurricane", "blackout", "big city nights", "still loving you", "dynamite", "the zoo", "still loving you", "alien nation", "send me an angel" and "winds of change". month april 2017  (45) march 2017  (198) february 2017  (169) january 2017  (169) december 2016  (129) november 2016  (157) october 2016  (188) september 2016  (186) august 2016  (172) july 2016  (161) june 2016  (161) may 2016  (153) april 2016  (164) march 2016  (165) february 2016  (154) january 2016  (140) 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publishing llc  all rights reserved. he’s 85 now, not in the best health but you can still find him on the patio at the rainbow every now and then. of concerts, you went and sold t-shirts for todd rundgren. first book was a lot of rock & roll stories but your second book was more of a personal journey. which book was easier for you to write and which one did you feel you exposed the most of yourself in? for those you that want the scoop on this years scorpions plans (and who doesn't) we have a guy with the inside scoop, drummer james kottak on the show this week. if you want to say, why did you do the things you did in your career or how were you scripted that way? the beatles, i was so young and the beatles were the beginning, but my first true worship, adulation, of a magical artist was genesis and peter gabriel.
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